Brewers & Mariners

Submitted by: johnbitzer


Abraham Toro25Majors3BMedium4000000
Jesse Winker28MajorsOFMedium110.

Total Value:



Kolten Wong31Majors2BLow110.1100.100.10.2

Total Value:


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Real trade, with cash included as reported by Passan.

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Ms. Dajuba

I don’t particularly like any of the players for ‘23 in the deal, I think it’s just rearranging the deck chairs for both teams.


I totally agree with dajuba. This was nothing more than a salary dump once again by the Brewers GM. Both Winker and Toro were garbage last year.

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They’re picking up Winker’s salary of $8.3M and sending $1.75M to Seattle. So there’s no money saved at all. Therefore it’s not a salary dump.


john you're right, it actually looks like Milwaukee added some salary. That makes it even more idiotic for the Brewers. Arnold gives away Wong (3.1 WAR) for Winker, a guy who was below replacement level and Toro a player most teams would DFA or send down if he has options remaining. Together they produced a combined negative 1.1 WAR. I can see other teams lining up to see if they also can con garbage collector Arnold into a deal for their discards.


I predicted this without Toro about 2 weeks ago


Brewers: Replace Renfroe’s power in the COF for 3M less. Also save money on Wong and gain versatility for roughly the same production at the plate. Mariners: Improved 2B defense, get rid of a headache and make room for Teoscar.

Billary Clinton

I wouldn't count on Winker to hit 29 bombs next year, regardless of the new ballpark. He barely looked like the same guy this year in Seattle. Lost weight, didn't hit the ball hard at all, and just had both knee and neck surgeries... Great plate skills, but he's a high OBP platoon guy with no defensive value at the end of the day.


I think the Mariners clearly won this trade. Winkler isn't the Brewers answer in the outfield. Wong has only produce slightly more than one WAR to be a Mariners win regardless of Winmkler's production. Does Toro hit the DFA scrap yard? Wong has been highly reliable for his career.


Wong was a horrible defender in 2022 and even if you want to write it off an anomaly, he's taken massive steps backwards since 2019. He's hardly even decent now, and his bat is following the same path. Milwaukee robbed the Mariners blind.

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There are clearly warts on both sides of this one.


"Wong was a horrible defender in 2022 and even if you want to write it off an anomaly, he’s taken massive steps backwards since 2019. He’s hardly even decent now, and his bat is following the same path" ^ someone who apparently never watched Winker play in 2022. natedub123...You could practically cut and paste every complaint you have about Wong and paste it into Winker's profile.


Wong had a lot of errors which Perry Hill will fix (see Ty France, Eugenio Suarez, JP Crawford). Winker doesn’t even go after the ball. Lazy without an ounce of being a team player. Hope he finds a way to get it done at the plate because the guy shouldn’t be allowed in the field.


Wong has been a consistently good defender for his whole career. He was battling through leg injuries all season. Don't be so quick to write him off defensively. He's also coming off the best offensive season of his career.


Brewers appear to splitting 2b & 3b coverage between Turang, Urias, Toro and Brosseau. Winker is likely the McCutchen replacement for DH role. I could see Winker improving dramatically back in the NL Central. The parks there fit his approach and swing. Wong should thrive in Seattle as well. Good move for each team.