In the interest of transparency, it’s time for an update on how the BTV model is doing this offseason relative to real-life trades -- with one caveat: A.J. Preller. Our model assumes most GMs will act rationally, and seek to get the best overall value possible in a deal, just as in most other walks of life, which means most deals are pretty close to fair. But we also know that’s not always the case. GMs have different motivations depending on where they are in the win cycle, and...



If you’re a GM, this is the list you don’t want to have your players on. According to our calculations, the following 50 players have the least amount of trade value right now – or, put another way, the most amount of negative value. These are not necessarily bad players; they’re players whose contracts are bigger than their projected field value. Not surprisingly, the common thread here is that most of them are older and past their prime. Only eight of these 50...



After trading away several accomplished veterans in the offseason of 2018/19, followed by Jay Bruce and Edwin Encarnacion in June, Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto doesn’t have much left to work with. Here’s a breakdown (values in $Ms): Haniger: 81.4 Smith: 21.6 Santana: 6.1 Healy: 3.0 Narvaez: 2.7 Beckham: 1.4 Gearrin: 0.3 Strickland -0.2 Leake: -1.3 LeBlanc: -1.6 Gordon: -14.8 Hernandez: -17.8 Seager: -20.9   Clearly the big fish is OF Mitch Haniger. He would bring back a haul....