The A's Rebuild Is Coming

The current core has run out of gas, and they’re getting expensive. So which players will Oakland likely make available?

Values Are Being Updated for the Offseason

We know it’s super early, but if you’re curious, we’re taking a first pass at offseason values to get an initial read. Some might surprise you.

Five Observations on the 2021 Deadline

This year’s deadline was bonkers. But it also revealed some interesting trends about the market. So how did our model do, and what did we see?

Got a trade proposal?

Imagine you’re the GM of your favorite team. Who are you trading this offseason? Use our popular trade simulator to figure out a fair deal.

The BTV Trade Deadline Roundup

We’re analyzing each significant trade, mostly from our valuation point of view, as they come in. Check back often, as we’ll keep updating it.

The Starting Pitching Market Is in Shambles

Need rotation help for the stretch run and postseason? Good luck with that. This year, you’ll need to navigate a minefield of underperformers, question marks, and the walking wounded.

Calculating values for major-leaguers

Calculating values for minor-leaguers

Applying our values to real-life trades

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The A’s Rebuild Is Coming

TradesPlayersThis winter, we believe the A’s will change direction. Instead of retaining pending free agents and arbitration-eligible players, they’ll acknowledge that they can’t afford them, and enter a rebuilding period. The team is in a very...

The BTV Podcast, Episode 35: The Not-So-Deadline

TradesPlayersWelcome back to the Baseball Trade Values Podcast! In this episode, founder John Bitzer (@johnbitzer2) and Associate Editor Joshua Iversen (@jive_mlb) discuss what they learned from the 2021 Trade Deadline and how well the model...

Five Observations on the 2021 Deadline

TradesPlayersThe 2021 trade deadline was bonkers. It was also a heck of a lot of fun.  But more importantly, how did our model do this year? Starting with the Joc Pederson trade, and ending at the deadline, we counted 55 deals in total. Of those, 4...

BTV 2021 Trade Deadline Roundup

TradesPlayersWelcome to the 2021 Trade Deadline Roundup. All trades will be added to this article as they are reported. - - - Atlanta Braves acquire RHP Richard Rodriguez ($11.3M) from the Pittsburgh Pirates in exchange for RHPs Bryse Wilson ($5.4M)...

The BTV Podcast, Episode 34.5: Livestream Announcement

TradesPlayersWelcome back to the Baseball Trade Values podcast! In this special mini-episode, Associate Editor Joshua Iversen announces the BTV Trade Deadline Livestream, which will take place on Friday, July 30 at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT. Join us to...

The BTV Podcast, Episode 34: Cruzing Into the Deadline

TradesPlayersANNOUNCEMENT: BTV IS GOING LIVE! John and Joshua will be streaming on Monday, 7/26 at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. Mark your calendars! More info to come! Welcome back to the Baseball Trade Values Podcast! In this episode, founder John Bitzer...