Got a trade proposal?

Even though real-life trades aren’t allowed until the offseason, you can get a jump on things and play around with our simulator.

BTV featured on Fangraphs' "Effectively Wild" podcast

Listen as BTV founder and editor John Bitzer is interviewed by Ben Lindbergh and Craig Edwards about how we created this site.

We've enhanced our trade simulator!

We’ve updated our trade simulator to be more realistic, to allow for three levels of overpays in certain situations, and for including more players in a trade.

The Top 50

Who are the most valuable trade candidates in baseball right now? Our new Player Values page shows you the highest and lowest.

Which trade proposal came closest to reality?

We’re combing through trade proposals submitted before the deadline to identify whose came the closest. Winners will be contacted shortly.

Three-team trades are now live!

We’ve now added the ability to create three-team trade proposals. Just select the three-team option in the simulator and get creative.

Calculating values for major-leaguers

Calculating values for minor-leaguers

Applying our values to real-life trades

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Trade deadline post-mortem: what worked, what didn’t?

Now that the summer trade deadline has passed, we’re starting to reflect on how our model matched up to reality. We’re still catching up with all the trades, so the data is not yet complete. But in the meantime, we can share a few observations. So...

One year later: which 2018 sellers fared the best?

We took a look at the trades made last summer (some of which were made before July 31, others during the previous waiver period) to see how they stack up today. We compared the current values of the players they sold to the values of the players...

Real-life scorecard: Tracking our values

Even though the 2019 summer trade season has ended, we’ll continue to keep track of each real-life trade and compare it to our values and see how they match up. We’ll plug them into our simulator and see if they’re “accepted,” “maybe accepted” or...

2019 Mid-season FAQs and Observations

Now that BTV has been live for a few weeks, we’ve received a lot of questions and feedback, all of which we appreciate. We’ve also noticed some common patterns in the trade proposals, which we'll work into our answers here. Why do the trade values...

Valuing the trade chips: Pittsburgh Pirates

After a surprising three-year stretch from 2013-15 during which the team averaged more than 93 wins, the Pittsburgh Pirates seem to have fallen back into mediocrity. Their three consecutive NL Wild Card appearances left some thinking they were ready...