Trade tracker update; ranking the Big Four

How we are doing vs. real life? And who has more trade value: Arenado, Betts, Bryant or Lindor?

Got a trade proposal?

Imagine you’re the GM of your favorite team. Who are you trading this offseason? Use our popular trade simulator to figure out a fair deal.

Why it’s important to follow the money

John Smoltz thinks it would take a huge prospect haul to get Nolan Arenado. There’s a key reason why we disagree — which also applies to other well-paid superstars.

Why we’re high on Mookie Betts’ trade value

The Red Sox superstar is even more elite than pundits give him credit for, and that matters.

The trickiness of Nolan Arenado’s trade value

Franchise player, big contract, two-year opt-out. Is there any surplus value with the Rockies’ elite third baseman?

Scoping the return on a Kris Bryant trade

Should the Cubs trade their former MVP? And what would he bring in return?

Calculating values for major-leaguers

Calculating values for minor-leaguers

Applying our values to real-life trades

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January trade tracker update; ranking the Big Four

It’s mid-January; time to take stock. How is our model doing vs. real life? As of January 18: Total trades: 36 Total trades accepted by our model: 30 Acceptance rate: 83.3% Variance: +/- 4.2 Basically, the model has been right five out of every six...

Why it’s important to follow the money

Recently, on an episode of MLB Tonight, John Smoltz was asked to compare the difference between signing Josh Donaldson or trading for . His response was, to paraphrase: Donaldson doesn’t cost anything...

The trickiness of Nolan Arenado’s trade value

Recent reports suggest the Rockies are seriously entertaining the idea of trading Nolan Arenado [27.7], who is of course their franchise player and one of the best in baseball. Setting aside the issue of why, let’s break down how we’ve arrived at our...

What if we slashed the A’s payroll?

Editor's note: This is a guest article written by BTV regular and A's fan grover “What if…?” Asking that is a good way to start thinking about alternatives. Because as often as we know how things are going to go… sometimes things happen. We rudely...

Valuing the Rule 5 draft picks

Earlier, John Bitzer broke down each of the major trades and free agent signings from the 2019 Winter Meetings. Now we'll take a look at how teams did in the final event of the meetings - the Rule 5 Draft. First, two caveats: we're sometimes playing...