Revisiting our non-tender predictions

Back in October, we published a list of players who we thought would be non-tendered, DFA’d, or have their contract options declined. Turns out we got a lot right, including some big names.


Got a trade proposal?

Imagine you’re the GM of your favorite team. Who are you trading this offseason? Use our popular trade simulator to figure out a fair deal.

Why do so many aging center fielders lose value?

Kevin Kiermaier, A.J. Pollock, and Charlie Blackmon are all in the red.

Which farm system has the most trade value? And the least?

Some systems are stacked with talent; others not so much. And you might be surprised to see who’s creeping up.

The Bottom 50

Which players have the most underwater contracts in baseball? Click on our Highest/Lowest list, then flip the arrows to see the worst ones.

Scoping the return on a Kris Bryant trade

Should the Cubs trade their former MVP? And what would he bring in return?

Calculating values for major-leaguers

Calculating values for minor-leaguers

Applying our values to real-life trades

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Making sense of the Padres/Brewers trade

When the Padres and Brewers agreed on a trade recently, my first thought was: that’s ridiculous. The package the Brewers received from San Diego far exceeded any reasonable bounds of a fair trade. We had Luis Urias at 55.2, and Trent Grisham at 8.8...

Hey, why did that number change?

So you may have noticed that every now and then, a player’s valuation has changed on this site. You might be wondering, “Why?” or “Hey, does that mean I have to go back and redo that trade idea I had last week?” Or: “Is this arbitrary, or is there a...

Scoping the return for a Kris Bryant trade

This is a guest article by BTV user and Cubs fan rw64  After a second straight year of playoff disappointment, major changes loom large on the North Side of Chicago. While the Cubs still have intentions of being competitive in 2020, President of...

Ranking each farm system by trade value

If you’re a serious baseball fan, you’ve probably seen a few farm system rankings from major outlets like Baseball America and Fangraphs. Here at BTV, we use our valuation estimates to do similar lists – to rank each system by trade value. It’s a way...

Is Francisco Lindor tradeable?

Recently, Joel Sherman of the NY Post advocated strongly for the Yankees to trade for , in the wake of the Yanks’ defeat to the Astros. Granted, Sherman is a NY beat writer, so there’s some classic...