BTV Podcast #3: Starting pitching risk, weird Padres trades, and more

In this episode, we dig into the relative riskiness of Ryu, Cole and Wheeler; puzzle over the Padres’ offseason trades; and highlight the featured trade of the week.

Got a trade proposal?

Imagine you’re the GM of your favorite team. Who are you trading this offseason? Use our popular trade simulator to figure out a fair deal.

BTV Podcast #2: On Myers, Bryant, and offseason trades

In this episode, we analyze a potential Wil Myers trade to Boston, highlight a Kris Bryant proposal, and break down three of the most significant trades so far this offseason.

How’s our model doing? Plus Starling Marte and Kris Bryant updates

See how we’re doing vs. real-life, our analysis of the Marte trade, and how we now value Kris Bryant.

The trickiness of Nolan Arenado’s trade value

Franchise player, big contract, two-year opt-out. Is there any surplus value with the Rockies’ elite third baseman?

Why it’s important to follow the money

John Smoltz thinks it would take a huge prospect haul to get Nolan Arenado. There’s a key reason why we disagree — which also applies to other well-paid superstars.

Calculating values for major-leaguers

Calculating values for minor-leaguers

Applying our values to real-life trades

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BTV Podcast #2: On Myers, Bryant, and offseason trades

In the second edition of our podcast series, BTV editors John Bitzer and Joshua Iversen address the rumors about a potential Wil Myers deal to the Red Sox, and what it might look like; highlight our featured trade of the week, which includes a Kris...

Introducing: The BTV Podcast

Curious to hear more about how we look at trade valuation at BTV? Check out our debut podcast, or download it below (coming soon to iTunes, Spotify, and other major podcast providers): *** Click this link to download to your device! *** BTV editors...

Mookie, Missing Money, and Margot

When news broke on Feb. 4 of the trade to the Dodgers, there was an avalanche of media coverage. As is typical, it started with the news, then was followed by a slew of analyses about what the trade...

It’s time to break up the Rockies

Now that has openly voiced his frustrations about his situation in Colorado, his relationship with the Rockies seems to have passed the point of no return. A trade now seems inevitable. Relatedly, the...