Who has the most trade value in baseball? We’ll show you below. Our list is ranked from highest to lowest, using the surplus value column on the right. Want to know who has the lowest trade value? Just flip the arrow next to “Surplus” and the list will reverse. You can also sort it by other variables.

You can also use our filter tool to drill down by other variables – e.g., which catcher has the most (or least) trade value? Or use the search box to see where an individual player is ranked.

These values will change frequently, so check back often.

1Bobby Witt Jr.24MajorsSS6.8478.2140.6337.6
2Julio Rodriguez23MajorsCF12.8504.9259.6245.3
3Fernando Tatis, Jr.25MajorsOF12.8535.1344.1191
4Michael Harris23MajorsCF6.8245.465.9179.5
5Gunnar Henderson23Majors3B4.8298.5133.2165.3
6Ronald Acuna Jr.26MajorsOF4.8243.581.3162.1
7Will Smith29MajorsC9.8249.993.2156.7
8Hunter Greene24MajorsSP5.819869.9128.1
9Mookie Betts31MajorsOF8.8339.6214.4125.2
10Shohei Ohtani30MajorsSP9.8570.8450.1120.7
11Elly De La Cruz22Majors3B5.8179.964.2115.7
12Tarik Skubal27MajorsSP2.8125.112.7112.4
13George Kirby26MajorsSP4.8187.780.7107
14Shota Imanaga30MajorsSP4.8164.167.996.1
15Jackson Holliday20MajorsSS5.892.8488.8
16Austin Riley27Majors3B8.8279192.586.6
17Riley Greene23MajorsOF4.8151.765.885.9
18Pablo Lopez28MajorsSP3.8156.670.885.8
19Ketel Marte30Majors2B4.8155.171.583.7
20Anthony Volpe23MajorsSS4.8146.564.781.8

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