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Real Trade


Eugenio Suarez32Majors3BLow234.526.

Total Value:



Carlos Vargas23MajorsSP54.
Seby Zavala30MajorsCMedium42.

Total Value:


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Comes up as a major overpay by Seattle. Looks like a salary dump.


Baseball Trade Values' valuation on Eugenio Suarez has been volatile. BTV currently gives Suarez a surplus value of $8.2 milllion with one guaranteed year, and a one-year team option, left on the contract of the 32-year-old third baseman. Just 17 months ago BTV assigned Suarez a negative value of $15.1 million with two-and-a-half (or three-and-a-half) years remaining on his contract. Perhaps the Seattle front office's current valuation of Suarez was closer to the negative mark.

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A year ago, he was owed a lot more money than he is now...


WTF is Dipoto doing man

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Cutting salary, apparently. Suarez is coming off back-to-back seasons of 3WAR+, so he should help Arizona. A bit surprised Seattle couldn't get more for him.

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Ms. Dajuba

Saving money for ……..I’m going to guess a Soto trade or a Chapman signing

Pattie Mac

That isn’t great for the d-backs because Suarez is like Stanton he only his homers otherwise he is worthless

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Except for that 11 OAA... More like he is like Matt Chapman, but won't be owed 9 figures.


Rhey still should have been able to get more than what they did. The extra could have even been a flyer on a young kid not on the 40 man roster


I don't think Trade Value = Playing Value. The years , etc, contribute to 'value' but not necessarily on-the-field Playing Value. So my conclusion is , Mariners seeking better contact and fielding at 3B, clearing salary space for such acquisition, and getting definite maybe back in return. Nicely done, regardless of Trade Value, per se. Arizona has filled an open roster slot for 1 season at reasonable cost and hopes Suarez has decent season, better than 2023. More probable than not. Arizona risk/reward is decent. Plaudits to both sides. That's my call.

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This reads like gobbledygook.

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We call it field value, and it's always right there in our numbers. In this case, Suarez projects to deliver $34.5m in field value over the next two years, against a salary of $26.3M, hence the difference, which is surplus value, of 8.2.


Where are you getting that field value though? Most guys in that 1-2 WAR territory are getting paid about 8M/WAR in the open market. The best players get more per WAR for sure, but a 10M/WAR valuation is not happening for guys in the Suarez tier of production. Suarez is currently projected by Steamer for 1.6 WAR. We don't know other systems evaluations on him yet, but by that single one, you'd have to imagine a 2 year projection of about 3 WAR. Even at 10M/WAR, that's only a field value of 30M, and since it's likely closer to 8M/WAR, he should have an on field value of about 24M or so, which is right around where his contract is and right around where this trade would be if his valuation was correct.


I am afraid of our front office's vision for this infield next year.


Great bridge to the young 3B AZ has in the minors. Acquisition cost was spectacular. Salary cost is great being that at worst you are only at a loss for one year if it’s a complete flop.

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I personally don't think this was a good move for the Mariners... Suarez wasn't all that bad. That being stated, they do need to cut down on SOs as a group and the two biggest offenders are now likely elsewhere.


Suarez has the same amount of home runs as Mike Trout and Mookie Betts since 2016, so it's a lose for the Mariners. The d-backs could have added a few more players than Vargas and Zavala, maybe Marte. But the Mariners now have room or Matt Chapman and Juan Soto who they really need. Suarez could make the Mariners a playoff team.


This is a ridiculous trade. It's a horrible package on the Mariners' sied.


As a Mariners fan, I’ve enjoyed watching Suarez play the last 2 years. I don’t think a quick glance at his stats really show his contribution. His fielding is under rated imo. He also was pretty clutch with runners in scoring position 90% of the season (except for the last week, doh!). Yes, he does strike out a ton. Anyway, loved his demeanor. The dude always gives his all. Sorry to see him go. It’s still early and lot of things can happen but right now like most of Seattle, I don’t know what Dipoto’s up to.