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Brent Rooker28MajorsOFDHMedium426.81511.89.411.814.2

Total Value:



Luis Urias27Majors3BSSLow21311.
Emerson Hancock24MajorsSP67.93.943.244.8
Zack DeLoach25MinorsOF0002.
Cade Marlowe26MajorsOF617.813.

Total Value:


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Down vote for Oakland. Hancock has been dealing with shoulder issues since 2021, you can't trust him to stay healthy. Marlowe looks like a faster JJ Bleday.


I think you mean Las Vegas?! Too soon? My first team when I fell in love with baseball was the late-80s Bash Brothers teams. But eventually my dad's job took us around the country for a few years, many of my favorite players (Henderson-both, Canseco, Big Mac, Stewart, and Eckersley all left the team, so I lost my connect with them). So we're kind of in the same position 30 years apart. I found a new team when I moved away, and now you'll have to find a new team when they move away! At least you get the other Bay Area team as a Giant(s) consolation prize! Still think they should bring a new team to Northern California, but it should be in Sacramento, where people from Redding and Reno can also benefit from a more centralized location. I know it sucks for A's fans especially knowing how many of them hate the Giants, but better Sacramento than Las Vegas, and to be fair the Oakland fans didn't do themselves any favors by not showing up to games. There's a big difference between low attendance and no attendance. As a Mariners fan we had to deal with the thinnest of times for 20 years and still put 2 million in the stands on a yearly basis. You have to support your team for your team to afford to bring in players. Now if the Oakland A's had unwavering support (not just when they win 85+ games), they probably wouldn't have traded away so many key players. Now the Mariners don't have the Athletic ownership excuses of a fickle fan base, so if they don't pay up, the ownership should be forced out starting with John Stanton! Personally, I think getting an expansion team in Sacramento that's not owned by Fisher would be a net gain anyways, plus it would screw him on the Coliseum land with no team to take it over.