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Tyler Glasnow30MajorsSPLow137.82512.810.212.815.3

Total Value:



Nick Frasso24MinorsSP00010.68.510.612.7
Carson Taylor24MinorsC0001.

Total Value:


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The cost of FA SP thus far has been extremely high. And as Soto taught us, high end talent is at a premium. Glasnow isn't being trade for a middle reliever. Nothing short of $25M of assets get the Rays to trade him now, as opposed to the deadline, or not at all.


Glasnow makes 25m next year and has never thrown over 120 innings. Hes thrown over 90 innings twice. He's one of the most talented pitchers in the league, but his salary is sky high and he's a major health risk. Rays aren't going to get that much for him when they trade him.


Glas is not a major health risk though. It’s the same injury. First year it flared up, the Rays said “take the summer off and you’ll be good to pitch in the post-season,” so he did. Same thing happened the next year. The third year injury resulted in a more significant tear, so he got TJS. Then he returned in 23 to pitch the most innings of his career and the target number set by the Rays in ST. There’s no reason he won’t stay healthy in 24 and pitch 175 IP (or more).


I think the Rays get a return between what Shaq and carter are predicting. Rays will get a decent return after the FA starter market is settled and they include others, i.e., Arozarena or Josh Lowe? Teams are not going to get sucked into believing that Glasnow's health is just an anomaly. Teams will need more than just Glasnow to include prime prospects in a deal.


Doubtful. More likely there will be 3-5 teams who want to compete in 2024 who lack TOR pitching and they will make a good offer around $20MM valuation. Glas’ injury risk ain’t that high either (see above). If it was, why would one of the smartest teams in baseball lock him up at $25MM to begin with?