Angels & Braves

Submitted by: johnbitzer

Real Trade


Evan White28Majors1BHigh23.417-13.6-16.4-13.6-10.9

Total Value:



David Fletcher31MajorsUTILSSVery low2014-14-14-14-11.2
Max Stassi33MajorsCMedium12.77.5-4.8-5.8-4.8-3.8

Total Value:


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Real trade. NOTE: There was an error with Fletcher previously, where the system wasn't picking up his salary. He's owed a minimum of $14M, but has been DFA'd and has zero field value, hence the -14, which is now corrected. Apologies for the error.

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Also note, Tyler Thomas is part of the return to LAA, but he's not in the system. Figure on a tiny amount there, but not enough to change the contour of this trade.

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Finally: The cash that Seattle sent to Atlanta when White and Gonzales were traded was $4.5M. It's possible that was attached to White, then flipped here.

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Ok, well, I (on behalf of Farhan) offered Minasian Conforto for this very same package, back on 11/13. I hope he’s happy with his return!


Max Stassi + David Fletcher = $19.5M + Buyout $2M


The Angels ... won a trade?


Does Evan White really have more future value than Max Stassi? Neither of them hit at an average MLB level but one of them can play a little catcher. If you move White’s FV to 0 the trade is basically even.


Salary dump for the Angels with a low risk medium reward in White if he can get his bat to be better, a platoon with Schanuel could be in the cards. Braves could still benefit from Fletcher if he can return to form and Stassi may not have a good bat but he’s one of the better framing catchers in the MLB who should help out ATL’s pitching a bit. All in all I believe this to be a good trade for both sides with both franchises headed in separate directions.