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Real Trade


Coleman Crow22MinorsSP0001.

Total Value:



Adrian Houser31MajorsSPMedium111.
Tyrone Taylor30MajorsOFHigh39.

Total Value:


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Real trade as reported so far. Moderate overpay by the Brewers, unless there's another piece going back to Milwaukee.


The Brewers are poor.


Need wspahn67 and jmont1 to comment


“Brewers laugh and say don’t call back. They’re not trading pitching without getting MLB pitching back. Crow is a lottery ticket.”

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Houser's estimated field value here is $11.5M, which compares well to similar back-end starters who are getting $11-$12M for a year in free agency. He's estimated to earn about half of that in Arb3 salary -- hence his surplus value in the 5s. Taylor is a useful platoon 5th OF with 3 years of control. On the Brewers' return side, Crow is a lower-rated prospect who just underwent Tommy John surgery and went unselected in the Rule 5 draft. Pretty clear that Milwaukee wanted to shed salary, and the Mets took advantage of the opportunity.


What is next Corbin Burnes? This seems like a throwing in the towel move. This move might help my Red Sox getting Yamamoto by reducing the Met's interest. The Yankees and Dodgers could be outbid by the Red Sox because they are above the Luxury tax. So everything would be highly taxed and there would be other penalties. Besides the Dodgers have several needs.


Report out of Milwaukee is the Brewers have decided to keep Burnes/Adames and are now trying to stockpile money to go after a free agent. Houser wasn't pleased that Milwaukee didn't offer him an extension and was a FA at the end of the year. He had the biggest contract of any movable player. Taylor was the odd man out given the Brewers number of young outfielders and Chourio coming up fast. The trade was more of a favor to him. Mets (former Brewer) GM Stearns likes him so he may get some playing time with the Mets. With Crow's surgery, Milwaukee doesn't have to put him on the 40 man roster and it delays his Rule 5 status. Brewers view Crow as a little better than Houser, #4-5 type starter who should be ready to help in 2025 when Burnes is gone.


I agree more likely Burnes stays and my first thought was Brewers are clearing payroll for a signing or are trading for a bigger contract. I love TT and he thrives as a 4/5th OF but we probably can afford to send out yet another OF and we have too much depth at the position. Houser is maybe the best #6 starter in the league but Id be fine to take a gamble on other arms to fill that roll. So while I'm underwhelmed by the return Im more curious on the timing. Is another move imminent or is the Brewers FO that high on Crow? Seems they could have waited to get slightly more in return if some deal isn't happening in the next few days. I can see the appeal in Crow but feels like he would be a fair return for one or the other not both.


I think Warren67 above makes a compelling case for the Brewers side of the deal. However, this seems like a meager return for two serviceable MLB players. Not many teams are in a position to take on salary. Cubs have money, could have used both players, and offered more, imo, without hurting the farm significantly. Wonder if they had an opportunity to deal. Maybe Milwaukee refused to deal with them because of Counsell’s departure, which would be childish. Most likely Jed was asleep at the wheel. Never know I guess.