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Kyle Bradish27MajorsSPLow5105.649.656.144.856.167.3
John Means30MajorsSPMedium17.
Adley Rutschman26MajorsCVery low4146.971.975607590
Corbin Carroll23MajorsOFLow7219.7108.811188.8111133.2
Tyler Wells29MajorsSPLRPHigh313.811.

Total Value:



Logan Gilbert27MajorsSPLow4108.142.165.952.765.979.1
Cal Raleigh27MajorsCMedium461.528.732.726.232.739.3
George Kirby26MajorsSPLow5163.872.791.172.991.1109.3
Yu-Min Lin0MinorsSP00010.

Total Value:



Andres Munoz25MajorsRPLow578.828.550.340.250.360.4
Luke Raley29MajorsOF1BMedium521.411.310.1810.112.1
Grayson Rodriguez23MajorsSP5106.351.654.743.854.765.7
Connor Norby23Minors2B00086.489.6
Trace Bright22MinorsSP00021.622.4

Total Value:


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Ms. Dajuba

I think after the trade of SP Ray to the SF Giants the Mariners are done moving on from any pitching of significance, Kirby, Gilbert, Woo, Miller, Castillo aren’t being moved and, I think, are unavailable to trade for. And I’m surprised that we are still seeing so many post with any of them involved.


Have you seen Gilbert vs AL West? It's not pretty and Bradiah vs AL West is wasted in the East. Same with the two catchers who do better on their own coasts (Adley vs AL West) and (Raleigh vs AL East). As for trades, it has been reported that the Mariners are very in on Paxton and/or Snell who both live in Seattle during the offseason. It's been speculated that Ray being moved cleared salary for 2025 and beyond. I also could see DeSclafani being dumped with a prospect to a team needing a starter with upside for a mid-level price. He doesn't match the Mariners pitching rich system. It's also worth noting that with any discount based on current remaining offers it's DeDclafani is probably making what Paxton would cost and only a bout 2/3 to 1/2 of a Blake Snell deal. Boras would love tp safe face over having his holdout blow up in his face during the regional sports channel crisis. Regardless of what Snell signs for Boras can call it a hometown discount and win praise rather then expose his tactics as being outdated. If the Mariners are going to be a budget team, nothing is better than working deals to bring in two of the best toung players from the PNW who grew up Mariners fans and two veteran pitchers who also were Mariners fans and live in Seattle. This essentially makes it Snell, Bradish, Castillo, Miller, and Paxton/Means/Wells/Joyce for the last spot in the rotation. Last year Raleigh was the more valuable catcher, while the Orioles upgrade their rotation significantly. The Diamondbacks add a 20-20 OF with 5 years of control, which saves them money overall, but the existing Carroll contract nets them six years of the best young arm from the minors peior to 2023, and a cost controlled closer for 5 years as well. Adding in a pitching prospect with upside and a staring 2B to allow Marte to move vack to a corner or DH eventually, all for a corner outfielder with some injury history and a mid-level pitching prospect Forget the attachment to players and this is a win-win-win deal. In fact that everyone hated it, just shows how even and well laid out it really is because real trades hurt fans.