Orioles & Brewers

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Real Trade


Corbin Burnes29MajorsSPMedium148.915.133.82733.840.5

Total Value:



DL Hall25MajorsSPLow536.417.518.915.118.922.7
Joey Ortiz25MajorsSS617.84.313.610.813.616.3
Round A Comp Balance Pick0Minors000043.244.8

Total Value:



The Brewers did well in the return.


If Hall goes back to starting, maybe.


Feels like we should be including the pick the O's will get back from the QO, as well? That effectively washes the round A pick here, and IMO, turns the trade to the O's favor in a meaningful way.

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It's already built into Burnes' valuation here.


I don't like this deal.


Why? U a brewers fan or an orioles fan?


He is on the wrong Black/Orange team.


Again, this site's evaluations for players' trade value proves to be dialed in.


Fells about right. Wondering where the brewers guys are on this but value is fair for a rental…even a really good one. Hall is the lynchpin. If he goes back to starting and kills it, this becomes arrieta again for Baltimore. Flip side, if new owners can extend burnes it’s a steal


Brewer fan. I don't hate it. Hall has potential to be either a good starter or something resembling Hader in the back end of the pen. Ortiz is the likely replacement for Adames or gets a shot to play 3B everyday. Being a righthanded hitter helps since the team can't hit LHP. The addition of pick 34 gives the Brewers 5 in the top 100 so I like that. We weren't signing Burnes. This is what a return for a rental like this looks like.


The owners extending or not extending Burnes has no bearing on the matter. They could have signed him in a year without giving up Ortiz or Hall. It's going to come down to whether or not the O's can make a deep playoff run this year.

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This proposed trade from early December was quite close. https://www.baseballtradevalues.com/trades/153031

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Ms. Dajuba

I wish these links worked


Brewers made good deal for future, which could start sooner versus later. Baltimore got their #1 SP. Both sides go BOOM.


Love it for the Orioles. I like for the Brewers, they usually draft well so that 34th overall pick could be huge

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The Brewers lied to us. They said that Burnes was not going to be traded, and they lied straight to our faces. At least he still gets to play for a contending team.


seems plausible Brewers did not want to trade Burnes within NL a/o Dodgers offer was not good enough for Milwaukee

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Ms. Dajuba

Great deal for the Brewers. After signing Hoskins they were probably forced to move some payroll and were exploring who, how and where and it even looked like they’d keep Burnes for a playoff push but then the Orioles came calling with an offer that they couldn’t and shouldn’t refuse. I’m really surprised the Orioles stepped up with this offer for a player who has basically come right out and said that he has every intention of going to free agency and exploring the market at the end of ‘24. If the Orioles don’t at minimum get to the World Series this year or get Burnes signed to an extension, this trade is a bust for the Orioles. But it’s a massive haul for the Brewers, Adames should be next maybe even Williams.

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But why sign Hoskins if you weren’t going to go for it one more time? The “in-between” mode in the middle isn’t good long term.

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Ms. Dajuba

I think the Brewers signed Hoskins and were going to go for it but then the call came and they liked the offer so they pivoted. I like the return they got. I’m a Hall fan and think Ortiz is a tremendous defensive SS. And I like the aggressiveness of the Orioles with what looks like an all in move for ‘24 considering how public Burnes has been about becoming a free agent after the season. Hoskins has an opt out that he will probably exercise if he’s healthy and has a good year, which I think he will. So pivoting on him isn’t so bad I don’t think.


I don't like this, mostly because i'm a Yankee fan, but i think the O's fleeced the Brewers, especially if the sighn burnes to a contract. Hall is not that good.


Really doubt O’s meet Boras’ long term contract demands, this looks like a pure rental. O’s should get a draft pick back when the give Burnes a qualifying offer. Hall’s Baseball Savant page looks nasty, he might be a good one for the Brewers in the future.


No choice but to trust the Orioles in their evaluation of Hall & Ortiz which must not be too high to include both of them and the pick for 1 year of Burnes. Seems like they really have to get him signed for this to work out, either that or win it all this year. What’s a new deal for Burnes going to look like with Boras as his agent? He’s probably going to ask for 10 years and $30m per season so $300 million? New Ownerships first move? Should have gotten Devin Williams as well.


Getting him signed won't have any bearing on the trade. They could have signed him in a year without trading for him if they wanted. Burnes has already come out and said he's not signing any extension unless it's for "something outrageous."

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Bad deal for Milwaukee. The pick is similar to the comp pick that they would have gotten anyway. Ortiz is another middle infielder for the Brewers who is no offense. And the talk was that the Brewers wanted pitching in return. Injury prone Hall. Is he a starter or a reliever? And no I an not just saying this because I am a Yankee fan (although if Cashman got his head turned around he would have presented a better offer). Overall Orioles have a much better farm than the Yanks. I know that. But seems like they wouldn’t have included any of their top 5-6 prospects anyway.


could the yankees really offered a better package what spencer jones and like what ? plus you wouldnt have been able to offer pick 34. also ortiz had an OPS of 855 in triple A kinda crazy to say hes no offense is his defense better rn yes but he can still hit really well

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Comparing Ortiz to Jones is something. Jones is 3 years younger. Ortiz is essentially comparable to Peraza (who is younger by over 2 yeara and who also had a 825+ OPS in Triple A). Yet no Brewers fan would have wanted him as a piece. Just the hypocrisy of it all. Yeah maybe I am a bit bitter, but good for competition and the Orioles. Happy for them despite being i division. Getting rid of Angelos was key. Honestly I could see them do something crazy and sign Snell to create a super rotation.


I was surprised the Brewers traded Burnes but I understand the logic. Burnes has not been Cy Young worthy his last 2 years and if they kept him all they would have gotten is a draft pick. As it turns out, they got the pick in 2024 instead of 2025 plus 2 prospects. Ortiz's floor is a very good defensive infielder with potential to be a good hitter. DL Hall is a risk as a starter because of control issues. But as the O's showed last year, he can be very good in relief and if the control issues are fixed, he has the stuff to be a very good starter. Burnes should provide the O's with a solid year for a shot at the world series. He may even get back to his 2021 form. It's a good trade.