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Submitted by: dsmithnyciii

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Devin Williams29MajorsRPLow229.917.512.49.912.414.9

Total Value:



Everson Pereira22MajorsOF616.63.912.710.212.715.2
Jeferson Quero20MinorsC00024.219.424.229.1
Joey Wiemer24MajorsOF621.86.315.512.415.518.6
Roderick Arias19MinorsSS00021.517.221.525.9
Josh Knoth0MinorsSP0005.

Total Value:



Jesus Luzardo26MajorsSPMedium391.326.165.452.365.478.4
Andrew Nardi25MajorsRPMedium525.414.111.3911.313.5

Total Value:


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More of a trade deadline deal. Yanks get a controllable (at least another year) closer-Holmes to set up in his last year. Williams hopefully comes back strong from injury. If he doesn’t obviously deal is off or changes (Brewers may want to rebuild value). Brewers are “in it” to win it in their division. They looked really good against the Mets. Peralta/Luzardo/Woodruff-next year? Pretty good top 3 for next 2+ years. Nardi not a full replacement at closer (Uribe is)-but provides controllable depth. Marlins get their SS and Catcher of the future. Quero and Arias losses sting for their respective teams, but they are both blocked by young stars at the MLB level (Contreras and Volpe).


Good proposal and thanks for your comments. Marlins would really have to be high on these prospects, but they could hit the jackpot with these players.


Only issue is I don't believe the Brewers will want to split with Quero in the slightest, especially if they are already losing their closer. I would see more of a package deal maybe including Ashby rather than Quero. Replaces the SP that Miami just lost and has good upside plus I think Milwaukee is more open to trading him rather than Quero. When Quero gets called up, it is entirely possible that Contreras moves to full time DH because Quero has gold glove potential behind the plate.


Good point from the Brewers point of view. I think Miami would refuse if Quero is not included. Quero is a key piece for this trade and is an organizational need. Getting another pitcher in this deal would be a good for Miami and maybe they would rather swap out Wiemer for Ashby. I think you are correct in saying the Brewers would probably not trade Quero. That would kill this trade in my opinion.