Dodgers & Rays

Submitted by: ShaquilleOatmeal


Isaac Paredes25Majors3BLow3.684.32856.345.156.367.6

Total Value:



Miguel Vargas24Majors1B3BLow4.610.73.27.567.58.9
Jackson Ferris20MinorsSP0005.
Dalton Rushing23MinorsC00022.217.722.226.6
Josue De Paula19MinorsOF00027.52227.533

Total Value:


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Paredes plays 2b for the Dodgers, which he has experience with. Lux sucks.


Don't let MP see you suggest trading Paredes, lol trading with LAD they have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to pitching and that's what I would target, I'm not really big on Vargas and it's not a position TB would need, Ferris is good I'd love to get him, Rushing won't ever make it to the majors as a C that's why they are trying him at 1B, I'd rather get Liranzo cause he stands a better chance at staying at catcher and should be to AA soon, DePaula would be really nice to get but I'd almost prefer Quintero cause he's more of an all around player that can play CF where DePaula seems likely a DH or RF at best, offensive CF seem much harder to find, with LAD though they're so deep you could almost throw darts and come up with a good return package.

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Yeah, I hate this trade. Someone else posted a few Paredes to Chicago trades that were worse though. I really don’t think the Rays will consider trading Paredes, but if they do it will be for a crazy overpay of upside/quality (like my proposed trade to Seattle for Ford, Brash, Celesten and Montes).