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Padres & Tigers

July 3, 2020


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Jimenez 25 Majors RHRP Medium 3.3 16.1 6.3 9.8 8.2 9.8 11.4
Zimmermann 34 Majors SP High 0.3 0.3 8.9 -8.6 -10.6 -8.6 -6.6


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Cronenworth Minors SS 2B 7 5.6 7 8.4
Myers 29 Majors OF High 2.3 7.8 48.2 -40.4 -41.2 -39.8 -38.4
Naylor 23 Majors OF 1B Low 5.3 10.4 0.7 9.7 9.7 10.7 11.7
Trammell Minors OF 23.4 18.7 23.4 28.1
  1. Kevin Chen

    This is a counter to kellyleak76’s suggestion to swap the bad contracts of Myers and Odor.
    Padres get a more reliable setup man for Yates, who could also take over as closer if Yates leaves in free agency. They clear some roster surplus to dump the rest of Myers’ six feet underwater contract. Of course, they have to take back Zimmermann to balance out the money a little bit, and can cut him on the spot if they so choose.
    Tigers get their center fielder and first baseman of the future; they’re stuck with 3 more years of Miggy and have basically nothing going on in the outfield in general. Cronenworth is mostly additional sweetener here; he can be replaced with Gabriel Arias, or if the Padres aren’t comfortable giving up either of them, they can kick in 10M or so in cash.

  2. Fred Kirk

    While not a bad trade proposal, I do not see the Tigers taking on Myers on any other player on a longer term contract. Management is salivating with the end of Zim’s contract which will be considerably lessened this year, and they definitely want to keep payroll down not increase it. Also, they already have the 1B of the future in Torkelson who is likely only a year or 18 months away at this time.

    • John Bitzer

      I’ve seen some comments by knowledgeable Tigers fans on Twitter that they would indeed be willing to “buy” prospects by taking on a bad contract like this one. Granted, fans are one thing, and the real front office is another. It certainly would speed up the rebuild a bit. In this case, the Padres seem like a good partner, as they have so many prospects they can’t keep them all; and it seems like the Tigers could use more hitting prospects like these. Even if Torkelson takes over 1B sooner than later, I could see a spot for Naylor in either LF or DH, and Trammell would have a shot at being the future CF. Myers could be played at either a corner or 1B until his release — they’d be less interested in any production of his and more interested in him as merely a vehicle to buy the prospects.

  3. Erik Jager

    Why the Padres want to trade Myers this year, and they would have pay in prospects? Maybe Myers will reestablish some value! He is still in prime years. Losing 39 million in prospects would be a steep price. By keeping Myers this season the Padres get to keep Naylor at very least.
    How long will the Padres rebuild continue for? They could easily contend this year. It would help make the Hosmer and Machado contracts even worse. Myers would only have to need 2 WAR to justify keeping in 2.4 years. The “pot odds” as in the poker term would probably favor these odds. He has only one bad year.

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