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Mariners & Reds

February 26, 2021


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Akiyama 33 Majors OF Medium 2.0 8.3 16.0 -7.7 -9.2 -7.7 -6.2
Barnhart 30 Majors C Medium 2.0 7.9 4.7 3.2 2.6 3.2 3.8
Garcia 23 Majors SS Low 6.0 25.0 0.6 24.4 19.5 24.4 29.3
Lodolo Minors LHP 11.7 9.4 11.7 14
Senzel 26 Majors OF Medium 5.0 30.8 4.7 26.1 20.9 26.1 31.3
Winker 27 Majors OF Medium 3.0 46.4 18.6 27.8 22.2 27.8 33.4


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Crawford 26 Majors SS Low 3.0 52.1 14.4 37.7 30.2 37.7 45.2
Haniger 30 Majors OF Low 2.0 18.5 7.5 11 11 13.2 15.4
Murphy 30 Majors C High 3.0 10.5 4.2 6.3 5 6.3 7.6
Sheffield 25 Majors SP Low 4.0 44.5 21.8 22.7 18.2 22.7 27.2
Cash 6
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  1. Kurt Eger

    Murphy is a better full-time catching option than Barnhart at this point, but since Barnhart is a much better hitter from the left side, he would be a great platoon option for Torrens and Seattle.

    Garcia fits the close but not now mold of the Mariners, while Crawford is positioned to contribute now, especially with the average defense of Suarez and the below average defense of Moustakas, he would help their defense immensely.

    Winker has an extra year of control, but he should only be a part-time OF and full-time DH. Haniger again gives offensive upside that is superior that combines with plus defense in RF, allowing Castellanos to move to a less demanding LF.

    Sheffield fills the spot left by Bauer and while he would be hard-pressed to achieve a fraction of the success of his predecessor, there is still a need regardless and he was a potential ROY candidate last year. Also, he would add balance to the rotation as only Miley is also a southpaw.

    Besides trading back a year or two of development, the Mariners eat a bad contract for the Reds and cover the salary of the two non-arb players going to CIncinnati in the deal. When combined the Reds are shipping out $14M in contract obligations for this year, $7M for next year and receiving $7M towards their payroll for 2021. This means they now would be able to add $20M in talent to the team through trades or FA contracts.

    That $20M could be spent on Jackie Bradley Jr. who MLB Trade Rumors estimated to earn a $16M/2 year deal. That would leave enough for a Shane Greene contract in the $8-10M/2 years and a split-contract to Yasiel Puig with him making $1M in AAA/$3M+ incentives in MLB if still on the team by opening day.

    So add in two years of Bradley Jr., Greene, and Puig to this deal on the Reds side because that’s what the money saved would get them today, even as catchers and pitchers have already started reporting to camp.

    It’s easy to see the Mariners would be getting a DH of the future (Winker), a long-term SS (Garcia), a utility stud who could land on the position most needed to be filled (2B? 3B? CF? SS?) Lodolo gives the Mariners an advanced LHSP prospect to go with Gilbert, Hancock, and Kirby.

    For the Reds, they are exchanging a ? (Garcia) at SS for a GG winner (Crawford) and someone who makes the whole infield better. They are trading 3 years of Winker (below average defender and slightly above average hitter) for 2 years of a guy who could be in the MVP discussion this year and who the Reds are buying low on due to fluke injuries that don’t show a pattern of injury. A mid-rotation arm with upside (Sheffield) slides in between their aces (Castillo & Gray) and their back of the rotation starters (Mahle & Miley). The remaining contract for Barnhart isn’t horrible, but for a team trying to compete, it makes sense to add 3 years of a catcher (Murphy) who made spacious T-Mobile Park look small at times and who was great offensively and defensively, while making less than $1M in his 1st pass through arbitration. This stands in stark contrast to a good receiver (Barnhart) with limited offensive value and a $4.2M contract that comes with a $7.5M option for 2022 and a $500K buyout. Meaning the Reds could be saving $3-4M a season, get the better catcher, and an extra year of control as Stephenson slowly gets groomed to take over.

    Neither team walks away from this deal and the only fan who says no is biased by their love or hatred for a specific player in the deal.

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