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Angels & Reds

May 17, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Castillo 29 Majors SP High 1.8 47.3 17.1 30.2 24.2 30.2 36.2


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Adell 23 Majors OF Medium 4.8 16.9 5.8 11.1 8.9 11.1 13.3
Guzman Minors 2B 5.4 4.3 5.4 6.5
Jackson Minors SS 5.4 4.3 5.4 6.5
Suarez 24 Majors SP LHRP Medium 4.8 16.7 8.8 7.9 6.3 7.9 9.5
  1. Nate Dyhre

    How any Reds fan would dislike this trade is insanity. Oakland shows year after year that when they trade their expensive or soon to be FA players and get quantity over quality (because of the fact they never spend money) as way to build a competitive, is doable. Cincy would get plug and play dudes back in this trade right away, then in a couple of years if their owner decides to spend money they enter the FA market as buyers again.

    • Robert Fishman

      As an Angel fan, I posted AND disliked this trade. My reasoning was just to get comments from Reds fans, because they think they have a big market team — like they want Trout or Ohtani or something. I find it so hilarious!

        • Nate Dyhre

          I would love to hear counter offers from Cincy fans for Castillo to Anaheim

          • Robert Fishman

            They’re asking for Detmers. Not going to happen.

  2. Chad Smith

    The reason I dislike this trade (and I’m guessing the same for others) is not because of the return talent, but rather because of the positions they play. Guzman and Jackson are both shortstops, a position the Reds have an abundance of both at the major and minor leagues levels in Farmer, Barrero, McLain and De La Cruz. Even if Guzman and Jackson were to change positions in the 2-3 seasons it take them to reach the show, where would they play. McLain will most likely be at short, De La Cruz at 3B and Barrero in CF. Second base will not be an option as, barring major injury, India will have that sewn up for the forseeable future.

    • Robert Fishman

      This is a good point that I didn’t consider enough. Let me offer another trade involving Castillo and Adell and let me know what you think.

      • doofus walstib

        It seems that Reds fans are smarter than you give them credit for. How many World Series trophies do the Angels have?

  3. Anthony Autry

    Thumbs down for the Reds because the Reds wouldn’t want to waste Castillo on a trade that featured Adell. Adell has failed miserably in his 3 attempts at the big leagues and his star is fading very quickly. Suarez just got sent down again because of ineffectivness. Guzman is currently over matched in A+ and both he and Jackson are middle infielders. As TarHeelRed said, the Reds are loaded with middle infielders who are either better than, or as good as, both Jackson and Guzman. Cincy could do much, much better for Castillo.

    • Robert Fishman

      Very good point regarding Guzeman and Jackson both being middle infielders and the Reds being loaded with them. However, I would have to strongly disagree with your assessment of what’s going on with Jo Adell. He’s 23 years old! The reason he was sent down is because the Angles have no place to play him. They have Taylor Ward and Mike Trout who are 1 and 2 in OPS (though Ward is a few at bats under qualifying at the moment. And, they also have Brandon Marsh, who’s almost 2 years older, is hitting well at the moment and is a gold glove caliber outfielder. Adell needed playing time. But, he’s currently tearing it up with a 1.093 OPS and is clearly too good for AAA pitching. Remember he’s a prospect. Once he comes up and dominates in the majors you won’t getting him at the value he’s at now. That’s how it works with prospects! And did I say that he’s 23 years old, barely! Let’s check back on this a year from now and see who’s wrong, okay?

  4. Jack Willoughby

    Reds can do better than this for Castillo. Angels would need to start with Detmers and throw in Jordy Adams or Ky Bush to get Luis.

    • Andrew Maxwell

      Going to be hard to convince the Angels fanbase or front office to give up almost six years of a 22-year-old pitcher who just pitched a no-hitter in his first full season for less than two years of Castillo, with his recent shoulder troubles, league-average ERA+ and the worst hard-hit % and zone contact % marks of his career. Let alone throw in another top-5 prospect in the Angels org into the bargain.

      BTV suggest Castillo and Detmers are already roughly value-equivalent. But I think that undersells Detmers’ future value for the Angels (cheap controllable pitching is their greatest need), and oversells Castillo’s durability, given some red flags on the sinker metrics and the recent shoulder troubles.

      • Jack Willoughby

        Surprised to see you believe Angels should be long-playing their roster. Syndergard (& others) will be FA after this season. Ohtani after 2023. I might agree Detmer to be the more valuable pitcher at some point, but if it’s 2024 or 2025 Angels fans may say it’s too late>

        • Robert Fishman

          The Angels will max out Ohtani this season when Upton comes off the books. I bet Reds fans wish they could do something like that, but remember you’re in a small market. Ya gotta play it like the Athletics or Rays, but your fans poo-poo any and all trades focused on cutting payroll. That’s why I both posted and disliked this trade as an Angel’s fan, just to see the responses of Reds fans.

        • Andrew Maxwell

          The chronic underperformance of the Angels franchise since at least 2014 has been due to a starting pitching deficit, and the lack of a homegrown pitching talent pipeline. That has begun to reverse with last year’s draft and Misanian’s pivot to the rotation.

          It shouldn’t be surprising that informed fans think the Angels should continue to invest in cheap controllable homegrown pitching. Given the big money investments in positional free agents, there’s no way the Angels can sustain any success long-term without pitching coming from within, because Moreno has demonstrated that he will not invest in long-term pitching contracts under almost any circumstance.

          Given Castillo’s recent shoulder issues, he’s no given as a short-term solution. Shoulder issues recur! One bad day and he could be out for the season.

      • Robert Fishman

        Yah, I both posted and disliked this trade just to get all the delirious comments from Reds fans. They think they play in a big market and poo-poo literally every trade unless it’s for Mike Trout or Shohei Ohtani or something.

        • doofus walstib

          Reds fans are turning down your proposals for Luis Castillo because they are inane. It is obvious that you do not understand that. When you are able to propose a coherent proposal that mutually benefits both teams, Reds fans will listen.

    • Robert Fishman

      Detmers!? You mean that player with two more years of team control who just pitched a no-hitter and is 2 and Zero with a 2:82 ERA and .67 WHIP over the last month!? That Detmers? LOL. Look, if the Angels do trade for Castillo, the trade will NEVER include one of the top 5 guys in their current rotation.

  5. Robert Fishman

    I proposed this trade, and gave it a thumbs down on the Angels side! Just so you y’all know.

    • Robert Fishman

      The Angels will be signing Ohtani to a long-term contract this offseason. They would never trade for Castillo at this point. I posted it just to see Reds fans reactions. More please! So funny!

      If y’all want your trade featured just post one focused on the Reds cutting payroll.

      • Jack Willoughby

        Reds can do better than your trade 81808 for Castillo. I would counter that Adell (11.1), Bachman (11.1), Ky Bush (3.9), & J. Adams (4.5) would interest the Reds more. Most likely though, A castillo trade between Angels & Reds is not a good fit.

  6. Jon White

    Teams like the Reds that are rebuilding should go for best talent available that is still FAR away. For instance, if you can get 3 or 4 international guys who commanded big bonuses because they show promising talent, that’s much better than a couple of close AAAA guys who will be long out of the system anyway by the time a rebuild can actually happen. You get more uncertainty but also the possibility of upside and additional quantity.

    Face it. The Reds aren’t going to win anything for 3-4 years at least. Baseball is structured to award the worst teams the opportunity to sign the best cheap young talent first. When you are rebuilding you WANT to be as bad as possibly while still appearing that you are trying to win.

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