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July 4, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Contreras 30 Majors C High 0.6 18.9 5.8 13.1 10.5 13.1 15.7
Happ 27 Majors OF Medium 1.5 40.2 13.7 26.5 21.2 26.5 31.7
Herz Minors LHP 5.7 4.6 5.7 6.8


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Johnson Minors RHP 9.6 7.7 9.6 11.5
Phillips 28 Majors OF Medium 2.7 9.9 6.5 3.4 2.7 3.4 4.1
Walls 25 Majors SS Medium 5.7 20.0 3.1 16.9 13.5 16.9 20.3
Williams Minors SS 3B 16.3 13 16.3 19.6
  1. M P

    I don’t think the Rays are going to go big at the Deadline but if they were to trade for both Contreras and Happ, this is the best trade proposal I’ve seen so far.

    • Gaby Ruiz

      Same here, but is my dream trade. I think this trade helps both teams.

      • M P

        Definitely. Williams is a former 1st rounder having a good year in A ball. Lots of upside there and not Rule 5 eligible for several years. Walls is a MLer now and while he’s having a sophomore slump, he showed promise last year. Phillips is a defensive dynamo in CF. The question is his bat (last year good, this year bad), but he’s also cheap. The last piece of the trade is Johnson, who has electric stuff and had begun to harness it well, but he also hasn’t pitched in a month (with no word on the injury). If Johnson is dealing with something minor, then the trade works but if TJS, he has to be replaced. From the Rays perspective, they have SS up and down the System and can afford to trade 2. I think they’d prefer to trade Brujan over Walls though. They can also afford to trade Johnson if they don’t plan to trade Bradly and Monty. I think one of those 3 pitchers could be moved at the Deadline or this off-season though.

  2. Bennett Johnson

    Cubs get a lot more by trading Contreras and Happ separately. Herz is better than Williams. Walls is a dud. Besides Cubs will go after a big name FA shortstop in the winter. Hoerner plays elite defense at SS but will be moved back to second. This trade, or anything close to it, is not gonna happen.

    • M P

      Lol – Herz is better than Williams. Absolutely no one agrees with you.

      • Bennett Johnson

        I’m not looking for agreement, judging by the objectivity of most of the people who post comments on this website. I’ll hang onto Herz, you keep Williams.

        • M P

          In all fairness, I do like Herz the pitcher. Reminds me of the Rays’ Montgomery.

  3. jim noerenberg

    You guys are dreaming, Herzl is best pitching prospect in Cubs system, Walls is hitting zero and Phillips would be in minors on most teams ,3rd outfielder at best

    • M P

      Uh…, yeah. Phillips is a 4th outfielder. No one is suggesting otherwise. But on a bad team his defense is good enough that he can still provide positive WAR playing daily if necessary.

      Maybe this trade doesn’t work for the Cubs but it’s still more likely than the Cubs receiving a top 50 prospect for Happ.

      • Bennett Johnson

        I’ve always liked Phillips, but I’m not going to give a lot for him. Cubs don’t need 4th outfielders, they need pitching. Speaking of pitching, why does Phillips throw eephus pitches when they put him on the mound in a blowout? The guy has an arm. Maybe another Gose if he doesn’t start hitting?

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