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July 7, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Barlow 29 Majors RHRP Medium 2.5 23.7 10.8 12.9 10.4 12.9 15.5
Melendez 23 Majors C Low 5.5 59.7 18.8 40.8 32.6 40.8 49


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Aranda Minors 1B 7 5.6 7 8.4
Brujan 24 Minors 2B OF Medium 5.5 20.7 7.0 13.7 11 13.7 16.4
Rasmussen 27 Majors SP Low 4.5 50.8 18.2 32.6 26.1 32.6 39.1
  1. M P

    Can’t see the Rays trading pitching during the season, but I like this trade for the off-season.

    • Jake Vanderlinde

      Yeah agreed you can never have too much pitching depth but both these guys would really help down the stretch. Think springs emergence has made SP available with Patino about to be back and Yonny hopefully not far away.

      • M P

        Patino gives the Rays a 6 man rotation, so it could work. Of course, if they trade Ras and another starter goes down to injury, they’re back to using bullpen days in the 2nd half. I have no confidence Chirinos or McKay ever return from injury, or that Romero rediscovers how to pitch. Yarbs and Fleming have lost the confidence of the RFO. So if the Rays made this trade, I’d want to see them add another starter like Perez. If fact, that makes a ton of sense to me. Rays need to consolidate their upper minors talent anyway.

        • Jake Vanderlinde

          Yeah agreed on McKay and Yonny, if they come back it’s a bonus. Taj will be ready next year but that doesn’t help this year. I think they aren’t as out on Fleming. Looks like he may have worked some things out at AAA and could be a legit 6th man if they trade. My only concern with getting a vet SP is losing reps for a young guy if everyone is healthy.

          • M P

            My suspicion is that the Rays are hoping to field a 6 man rotation that allows everyone to get 5 full days of rest between each start, pairing Springs and Patino in tandem starts to keep that 5 day schedule whenever there are off days. The Rays have a very young rotation, with no one having pitched anywhere near 200 IP in their careers (except Kluber, who at this point in his career shouldn’t be pitching that much either). Rays need to manage their workload somehow.

            I’ve always liked Fleming, but I’ve seen this show before. He has a couple promising starts derailed by defensive miscues, followed by absolute disasters where he and the field struggle. I don’t know why it is, but the Rays fielders hate Fleming. They trip over themselves to commit errors and poor fielding whenever he’s on the mound. Maybe he’s the emergency 5th starter, but I suspect the Rays are looking to move him in the offseason (and hide him in AAA til then).

          • Guillermo hernandez

            I really like this trade for the Rays. Rasmussen’s success as a starter has always been a big mystery to me. His stuff is really downgraded compared to his days as a multi inning reliever. I don’t have confidence that he will remain a near top of the rotation arm. In addition, he was a reliever for half of 2021, a year after the weird short 2020 season, and now the Rays will ask him to pitch into October, possibly throwing 170+ innings. If he’s healthy, will he be effective in the playoffs?

            I am very very open to calling Rasmussen a success story, cashing out, and adding a catcher that can help now and in the future. You need 3 SP in the post season. McClanahan, Kluber, Baz, Springs, with Glasnow and Bradley a possibility, plus Fleming and Yarbrough in case of emergency. They have a reasonable amount of pitching. The Rays pitching is excellent, but they can’t score runs. I’m okay with diluting the talent of the pitching staff in order to have one fewer horrible batter hitting in front of JLowe, Walls, and Brujan. Can’t score runs when half your lineup is hitting .140.

            Keep that David Price trade tree going!

          • Guillermo hernandez

            I’ll add, I do think the Royals are getting hosed in this scenario. Brujan has little if any trade value. Billy Hamilton clones that can’t hit as well, field as well, or run as well as Billy Hamilton, aren’t exactly highly sought after. Weak contact, bad baserunning, bad defense. Brujan has gotten a pretty good opportunity, with regular playing time. It’s his second year seeing MLB pitching. His K rate is double what it was in the minors, his barrel % and hard hit rate resemble Madison Bumgarners, and he is an awful base runner that can’t run a proper route to a fly ball. I have pulled the plug on Brujan, and I suspect every other front office has as well. The high contact, good defense, excellent baserunner scouting report was wrong, and his current value has been determined. It’s a long time ago that Brujan was a top 60 prospect. If he still had prospect status, he wouldn’t be in the top 250. The potential eventually has to turn into skill, and Brujan has very little skill.

            He’s in the same category as Robles, Kieboom, and Hiura were 2 years ago. Near zero trade value. Except those guys were perennial top 15 prospects that failed. Brujan was a one time top 70 prospect because he hit 7 home runs in 3 weeks to get on everyone’s radar, then did nothing the next 5 months and quickly fell off prospect lists. The fact that he’s still being valued by projection systems based on those 3 weeks in April 2021, rather than everything he did before and since, is a disservice to every Rays rosterbator. Brujan will never wear a Rays uniform again. He’ll be a Yumiyori Giant this time next year.

  2. Jake Vanderlinde

    Melendez is interesting because I know Royals fans nearly view him as untouchable but Salvy is around for at least the next four years (although aging) so I would think they would be interested if they could turn him into 2 starters and a SP. Barlow has a ton of value and doesn’t really fit their timeline so would most likely be on the block.
    Rasmussen is the contentious one from the Rays side but with the starters coming back they can trade from an area of strength.

    • M P

      Yeah, I would be shocked if the Royals traded Melendez. If they’re taking offers though, I hope the Rays are in the mix.

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