Coming Soon: A New Version of BTV

We are getting ready to launch a new version of

The new site will be significantly faster and more intuitive. We know it’s a pain point to wait for pages or search results to load, so that’s getting fixed. The current site was built four years ago, and after tens of thousands of trade proposals and updates, it’s outgrown its original platform. So it’s moving to a new one, which is built for speed and scalability.

We will also be offering, for the first time, an ad-free version of the site. We know the ads can be disruptive (and thanks for understanding that they’re a necessary part of running this business), so you can choose, if you like, one of two premium-tier subscription options. 

These premium tiers will not just be ad-free, however. They’ll come with access to an array of new features, which we’ve created based on your feedback over the years. We think it’s important to offer a lot more than just an ad-free experience. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to our launch date.

Meanwhile, we’ll also be doing our first update of 2023 numbers in late April. Keep in mind that, this early in the season, the changes will be relatively small. We know that the numbers tend to get more meaningful as the sample sizes get larger later in the season.

For now, heads-up: A new BTV is on the way. We’re shooting for a launch date in mid-to-late May. 

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I too would like to chime in and say that I have a lot of admiration for johnbitzer and the entire team that makes this all possible for us fans. This site's a treasure trove of information, easy to use and it's one of my favorite sites on the 'net to check out.

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Thanks, Mac!


Just wanted to ask if the new version of BTV will be coming soon? Love the site, I check it all the time. Thank you so much for providing the "trade value" perspective to the public. It is extremely fascinating and fans (especially on twitter) should take the time to understand it.

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Thanks for the kind words! A new version of the site is indeed coming, with an updated launch date this fall to accommodate some new features.


This site has done a great service for sharpening my understanding of baseball finances and front office decisions as a business. And in large part because your database and figures are freely available to dive in and dig through and examine. I don't think I ever would have taken the time to look through and try to understand it all if it wasn't for that. I sincerely hope this opportunity will be available moving forward. The site, at its core, has so much to share with the average fan about the larger strategic "game" of baseball that extends beyond the field. Anyway, I hope you and the rest of the team are well. Thank you all for spending the time to build BTV!

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Thanks for the kind words!