Introducing The BTV Offseason Trade Proposal Competition

Think your proposals are realistic? Let’s find out by having a little extra fun with it. Welcome to the BTV Offseason Trade Proposal Competition (for subscribers).

The way the competition works: We’ll list the most likely trade candidates this offseason – see below. Of course, we provide the value estimates. Your job is to figure out the destination team and the players involved in each package. If and when the actual trade happens in reality, we’ll see who came the closest.

The winner of each trade will have their winning proposal:

  • Featured on the site
  • Featured in an upcoming article
  • Featured in our newsletter
  • Mentioned on our podcast 

How to play: 

  • Be a BTV subscriber (either level)
  • Create trade proposals as you normally would

Scoring: You get:

  • 5 points for picking the correct team
  • 10 points for picking each correct player involved

Example: Trade Candidate: Juan Soto

Subscriber 1 proposes:

  • Soto to the Yankees for Clarke Schmidt, Jhony Brito and Brendan Beck

Subscriber 2 proposes:

  • Soto to the Yankees for Chase Hampton, Oswaldo Cabrera, Trey Sweeney and Clayton Beeter

Let's say the real trade, if it happens, is:

  • Soto to the Yankees for Clarke Schmidt, Brando Mayea, Trey Sweeney and Clayton Beeter

In this example, Subscriber 1 gets 15 points (5 for the Yankees, 10 for Schmidt); Subscriber 2 gets 25 points (5 for the Yankees, 10 each for Sweeney and Beeter). 


To reiterate, this is for subscribers only (either GM-level or Front Office-level). It’s an extra perk of having a subscription. If you don't have a subscription yet, you can sign up for one anytime this offseason. At that point, you can have your proposal considered for this competition, for whichever trade candidates are left on the board at that time. 

For each of the trade candidates listed below, if and when they are actually traded in reality, we’ll do a site search for all subscribers’ proposals involving that player. Then we’ll score those proposals using the point system above, and identify and notify the winner. 

In the event of a tie, we’ll consider each of the winning proposals winners and recognize them the same. If the player is not traded, it’s not included in the results. Proposals are eligible for consideration only if they are posted 48 hours before the news of a trade is announced by either Jeff Passan or Ken Rosenthal. (So if you post it right as it’s being announced, it won’t be eligible.)

Here are the trade candidates:

  • Willy Adames
  • Pete Alonso
  • Bo Bichette
  • Shane Bieber
  • Paul Blackburn
  • Corbin Burnes
  • Dylan Carlson
  • Nick Castellanos
  • Dylan Cease
  • Tommy Edman
  • Kyle Finnegan
  • Tyler Glasnow -- traded to LAD; 35 points for Ms. Dajuba
  • Vaughn Grissom
  • Jonathan India
  • Eloy Jimenez
  • Max Kepler
  • Alek Manoah
  • Manuel Margot -- traded to LAD; 35 points for Ms. Dajuba
  • Tyler O’Neill -- traded 12/8/23 to the Red Sox; 5 points for team goes to Ms. Dajuba
  • Jorge Polanco
  • Tarik Skubal
  • Juan Soto -- traded 12/7/23 to the Yankees; 45 points for team and 4 players goes to LeninCat
  • Mike Trout
  • Alex Verdugo -- traded 12/5/23 to the Yankees; 5 points for correct team goes to Ms. Dajuba

If you’ve been considering becoming a subscriber, this is the perfect time, so you can get in on this. Good luck!


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