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The BTV Podcast, Episode 74: Farewell, Oakland A's

Welcome back to the Baseball Trade Values Podcast! In this episode, founder John Bitzer (@johnbitzer2) and Associate Editor Joshua Iversen (@jive_mlb) break down the Oakland A's likely move to Las Vegas. Then, they discuss recent extensions, injuries and more. Listen to the episode through your favorite podcast provider, or via the media player or download link below:   Download link: Links: Kawakami - The A’s, the $500 million Las Vegas ask and John Fisher’s long losing streak ($) 

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Joshua Being an A's fan, it is hard for you to admit the A's are going to move. Fisher is going to keep the Athletes terrible until he gets a new location. The Coliseum is a dump which has only historical value. I lived in Tampa for years with the Ray's Trop location issues. St. Pete and Tampa were involved in an endless of tug-of-war situation where nobody wanted to pay for the team. Lawsuits could tie up everything for years.