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August 1, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Bowman Minors 2B 1.2 0.8 1.2 1.6
Medina Minors RHP 6.9 5.5 6.9 8.3
Sears 26 Majors LHRP Medium 6.4 7.2 2.5 4.8 3.8 4.8 5.7
Waldichuk Minors LHP 9.9 7.9 9.9 11.9


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Montas 29 Majors SP High 1.4 37.5 9.4 28.1 22.5 28.1 33.7
Trivino 30 Majors RHRP High 2.4 0.1 1.1 -1 -1.2 -1 -0.8
  1. Andrew Codding

    The Yankees fleeced the A’s. They didn’t even have to give up Peraza.

  2. Austin Jackson

    I am convinced Billy Beane cannot negotiate. How is this your return after what Castillo got? He should have got Dominguez/Peraza plus Waldichuck AT A MINIMUM. This is basically Montas for Waldichuck straight up. Good trade for Yankees.

  3. Gavin Gratza

    WTF. The Cards should have been all over this. Beane must have been sleeping since before the Castillo trade


    I wonder how much the shoulder injury concerned other teams. Seems like the Castillo market set the price high, but this return feels light for the A’s.

    • Jaime Hernandez

      I think it’s safe to say it was a big concern with other teams. I wonder what Mahle will go for now. My guess is the Reds will get more in return for him than he’s valued at.

  5. M P

    Not an impressive return by Oakland. Sure does make the haul received by Cincinnati for Castillo look all the more impressive.

    • John Bitzer

      No, you can’t attach money to prospects. On a percentage basis, it’s within normal error bars. I personally think there’s still injury concern around Montas’ shoulder.

  6. Lenin Cat

    The numbers make it look like a light return for the A’s, however, Waldichuk is ranked #36 overall on Fangraphs top 100. A’s may value him closer to 20 AFV. This definitely isn’t a fleecing in my mind.

    • Michael Sprague

      Agreed. I don’t think he is THAT good but I think would could add another 3-5M onto him and I also think Medina is a bit low too. The issue is that the Castillo deal looked great for the Reds while this looks “meh fair” for Oakland

      • John Bitzer

        Medina is out of options after this year, which hurts his value significantly.

      • Max Harris

        Medina has had control issues for his stuff forever. Yankees are allergic to pitchers who walk people.

  7. DJ dajuba

    I think this really shows the difference between Castillo & Montas. Plus, Seattle hasn’t seen a playoff game in how long? I think that weighs in heavily as well & I think they went all in on the best SP available in Castillo.

    • Theo Ballew

      I think this really shows the difference between injuring your shoulder in March & injuring your shoulder in July.

    • DJ dajuba

      It’s a real dream buster, especially for you with it including Medina. As I recall you’re not a fan at all.

      • Ty Archy

        Waldichuk and Sears are two guys I like. Medina, is eh… But he likely will be in the mix for the roster in 23. Bowman is OBP% and speed… I can see why Oakland fans aren’t so happy with this return. Luckily both Wald and Sears look like sure bet guys.

          • x x

            The A’s must think they can fix Medina’s control problems before next season. If they’re right then this trade will look a lot better. I’d rather they acquired Yoendrys Gomez even though the total value would be less.

  8. Jon White

    Could the A’s not have done better than this if they had moved him in the last offseason when they dumped their other pitchers? I don’t get rebuilding teams, which by definition are going to suck, hanging on to talented players in an attempt to not suck so bad that you get into position for a great draft pick/big bonus pool. I get it if you truly believe that you will hit the market right mid season and clean up. But that hardly ever happens.

    • DJ dajuba

      I might be wrong but I think they held on to him because they weren’t getting the offer they wanted & thought they could do better at the deadline. Maybe they just over valued him + the shoulder, add it up and it’s this trade.

      • Max Harris

        He was coming off a healthy season in 2021, after a PEDs suspension… they took a gamble, he got hurt this year, and it hurt his value, below Castillo, who had the good timing to hurt his shoulder at the start of the season, rather than midyear.

  9. Thomas Trovato


    I’m sorry, man. The Mets would/should have given you more for him over Bassitt.

    Incredibly, in the Manaea, Bassitt, and now Montas trades, the highest rated player traded, according to BBTV, was JT Ginn.

    • Austin Jackson

      If given the choice, I’m confident Billy Beane would choose five Tommy Milones over one All-Star player. I can’t wait for a new stadium.

  10. Athletics Trades

    As and A’s fan I’m actually glad Trivino’s gone. He was pretty bad and he doesn’t fit with our rebuild.

    • Max Harris

      Happy to see someone happy. Yankees will likely fix Trivino, refine his pitch mix, improve the shape of his fastball and slider, and turn him into an absurd 8th inning guy. It’s what they do.

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