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August 2, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Adam 30 Majors RHRP High 3.4 25.6 10.5 15.1 12 15.1 18.1
Arozarena 27 Majors OF Very low 4.4 92.1 27.4 64.7 51.7 64.7 77.6


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Miller Minors RHP 28.7 23 28.7 34.4
Pages Minors OF 25.3 20.2 25.3 30.4
Vargas Minors 1B 3B 26.9 21.5 26.9 32.3
  1. M P

    Gotta get Cartaya in a trade of this magnitude. Of course, Dodgers are now good with Gallo. ROFL…

    • Guillermo hernandez

      LOL. Gallo is hopeless. I was right that they wanted another OF. Hoped it would be Arozarena.

      I considered Cartaya, but I’m nervous about acquiring a catcher that valuable that hasn’t made it out of A ball yet. A lot can happen. Hell, Heriberto was a great hitting catcher in A ball this time last year. I’d rather take the MLB adjacent 3 pack that could in theory, help the team even this year. Miller and Vargas are close to ready. Pages needs to spend the rest of the year in AA.

      I did consider Cartaya. But I didn’t feel it realistic the Rays would headline a trade with one of their best players and the closer in a playoff race for a guy in A+. But I do believe both Arozarena and Adam are available. Another 45 mins to figure out how available.

      • M P

        Yeah, I was never in the Hernandez is Good camp. Of course, I’m also not in the Isaac is Good camp either.

        I only want Cartaya because he looks like a future MVP candidate right now. High risk, but very high reward if it pays off. Not that it matters. Rays will never push their chips all the way in.

        • Guillermo hernandez

          You called it right this year. No moves. I’m very disappointed in our return. Getting tired of holding every prospect we’ve ever drafted, and starting everybody else’s cast offs.

          The only move the Rays made at this deadline was a move to ensure the wouldn’t resign Kiermaier. Just another money saving move. Awful. Holes everywhere, and still in the playoff picture. The only move they make is to guarantee the face of the franchise won’t be back next year. Not talking about Phillips. Fuck Phillips. The last 48 hours sealed Kiermaier’s fate, and I hate that.

          You were right. Just a bunch of trash.

          • M P

            Sorry Shaq. I’m disappointed they didn’t solve the catcher position, but not surprised. They’ll want to see what free agent prices are in the offseason before committing to a trade that costs prospects.

            I like the Siri acquisition. I did a somewhat deep dive analysis of his abilities in the Deadline article at DRB. Suffice to say, his skills are Prime KK’esq. His bat needs to improve a little, but he has the tools for success. I’ll miss KK but Siri looks like the real deal to me.

            My biggest complaint (yours too I think), is that the Rays have acquired a ton of talent at the middle infield positions, so much in fact that they move surplus players to less demanding defensive positions as needed. You would think that instead of trying to play a SS at 3B or in COF, they’d elect to trade one or more middle infielders at peak trade value to shore up positions of weakness with players ideally suited for those positions. Unfortunately, they don’t see it that way. No doubt, it hurts that several prospects haven’t hit the ground running.

            Anyway, if you told me at the start of the season that the Rays would suffer the kind of position player injuries they have incurred this year, I would have expected a .500 season and no playoffs. If you told me that the Rays would have those injuries and that the rest of the ALE would play .500 or better ball prior to the ASB, I wouldn’t have thought we’d have a winning record. It’s amazing the Rays are still in the playoff race.

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