Dodgers & Brewers




Dodgers & Brewers

September 27, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Burnes 27 Majors SP Low 2 126.6 32.5 94.1 75.3 94.1 112.9


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Miller Minors RHP 28.7 23 28.7 34.4
Stone Minors RHP 19.7 15.7 19.7 23.7
Vargas Minors 1B 3B 26.9 21.5 26.9 32.3
Vesia 26 Majors LHRP Medium 4 31 11.4 19.5 15.6 19.5 23.4
  1. Daniel Posbrig

    After a discussion in another trade idea, this morphed from it.

    I can’t see the Brewers trading both of their top level starters in the same deal. However Burnes, with his greatly growing price tag, may be of the biggest yield via trade. Dodgers obviously have the farm to handle a deal, as well as paying a larger arb salary for Burnes. I think this benefits both sides. Dodgers get 2 below market cost controlled years of an ace. Brewers get the big power hitting CI bat they need. Two high ceiling SP, as well as a dominant lefty for the pen. Helps now and down the line.. which is always the goal of the brewers.

    However I don’t think the dodgers would deal this much.. but hard to say. Thoughts?

    • Larry Krueger

      Thanks for posting this trade proposal. I would think the Brewers would say yes for all the reasons you mentioned. My opinion is that the Dodgers would ask for another player or prospect and despite the trade values on

      Thank you for positing this trade idea. I believe the Brewers would be happy to make this deal. Despite the trade values being close to even on this deal, I think the Dodgers would ask for a top 30 prospect or MLB player like Tyronne Taylor in addition to Burnes. I think the trade could still work for both teams.

      • Larry Krueger

        Oops, I thought I had lost that first part when I had to leave the computer and come back at a later time. Sorry, my bad.

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