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October 15, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Allen Minors LHP 9.4 7.5 9.4 11.3
Bibee Minors RHP 10.9 8.7 10.9 13.1
Brennan Minors OF 4.3 3.4 4.3 5.2
Jones 24 Majors OF Medium 6 17.9 3 14.9 11.9 14.9 17.9
Martinez Minors SS 7.2 5.8 7.2 8.6


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Murphy 27 Majors C Low 3 75.8 24.5 51.3 41 51.3 61.5
  1. Ty Archy

    Cleveland says no… Bibee is going to be over 20 value come next season and Martinez will climb up the ranks as well. I actually doubt Cleveland is willing to move either period… Brennan also is a lock right now to make the 23 club, he actually was their minor league player of the year in 22. He was actually better than almost all the top 100 position players…

    • Calvin Carlisle

      I think Cleveland hangs onto as much pitching as they possibly can. Beiber is a free agent in two seasons. Plesac, Quantrill, and Civale in three. I can easily see Cleveland slowly bringing these guys up through the back of the rotation and replacing vets as they sign elsewhere.

      • Ty Archy

        Cleveland has a bunch of SPs coming up… 5-8 more starters could make their MLB debuts in 23… All 8 of those guys will get time in 24 in the bigs… (Battenfield, Cantillo, Burns, Allen, Bibee, Williams, Vargas and Espino… Espino is actually likely the last of them to make his MLB debut cause of injuries this season). Gaddis, Curry, Pilkington, McCarty, Morris all made debuts this season. I think Gaddis, McCarty and Vargas all end up in the bullpen… They can afford to move an SP, just fine… Hankins is coming back from Tommy John, he’s also in the mix in 24…

        If Plesac is traded (high probability he is) then you could see a Carrasco or Kluber reunion for a season…

        • Big Bat

          I don’t think there’s much of a chance of a Carrasco or Kluber reunion. If they add a pitcher it will be someone like Lopez or Woodruff. Even at that, the SP depth runs extremely deep. So deep that they need to deal 1 or 2 of their current rotation to make room for Morris and a prospect. Both of which have an extremely high chance of improving the already very good rotation.

  2. Nathan Thompson

    Down vote for Oakland.

    I like Martinez and Bibee but Jones as the headliner is wasted value.

    • Big Bat

      Oakland isn’t getting Bibee with Murphy. They’re ready to give Naylor an opportunity which is why he was added to the roster at the end of the season.

      • Nathan Thompson

        I like Bibee but if Cleveland comes asking about Murphy again it’s Gavin Williams as the centerpiece or they can go pound sand.

        I also think the Guardians going with Naylor + a Vet back-up makes the most sense for your team.

        • J.M. F.

          I will be glad to keep Gavin Williams and have the Guardians go with Bo Naylor plus a vet back up.

        • Derek Diese

          If Oakland wants Valera or Williams as the centerpiece I would be all ears. What else (position wise) would they be looking for? Would, for example, Williams + Jones + Tena be the kind of deal The A’s might consider? If I’m Cleveland’s GM trading for Sean Murphy is the biggest sure-fire upgrade I can possibly make this off-season, and therefor would be my #1 priority. If Bo Naylor hits right out of the gate they can easily coexist between 1B, C, and DH all being open at the moment.

          • J.M. F.

            Thankfully, Antonetti and Chernoff will not trade Williams.

          • Nathan Thompson

            Oakland has needs everywhere but behind the plate so there would be a lot of different paths forward.

  3. Patrick Pikell

    Probably similar to what a deal would look like. I don’t think Oakland would want 2 pitchers in a deal, but Brennan, Jones and Martinez would help Oakland improve their offense.

    I think in any deal with Cleveland you accept the fact that no clear frontliners are coming to Oakland, unless they decide to move Valera or Rocchio (does not look like it). As an A’s fan I would want a clear CF, and Brennan fits the need. 3B/SS could also use help, so Arias, Tena and Martinez are guys to look at. Jones could also go back to 3rd. I see a deal there that could be done. Cleveland should try to do something to fight for that top 2 seed for next year, and might need to be more aggresive. They should have some money to spend on Nimmo or on good relievers. Also, Murphy and Bo could share time, after 2023 he could be traded again if Bo works out.

    • Ty Archy

      Cleveland isn’t going to spend that much on Murphy unless they plan on extending him…

      Also Brennan, Bibee and Martinez are badly undervalued from Cleveland’s side on here. I know they decide values from baseball America and whatnot, but all three of them are under ranked. Bibee was a BOR SP out of the draft who added 5 mph to his fastball keeping his command. Brennan had one of the best MiLB seasons in baseball at a premium position in CF with solid defense. Martinez is overshadowed by multiple top 100 prospects at SS (one scout we know think he’s likely to be a very good 2B in due time). Cleveland likely isn’t moving any of those guys for Murphy…

      Also Grover is right, Jones isn’t a great fit for the A’s, so the A’s don’t want him as the main piece. Cleveland said no to a deal with the A’s because the A’s had to have one of Cleveland’s top 4 prospects in the deal.

      • Patrick Pikell

        Probably by January or February these numbers will be adjusted for prospects, so Brennan and others should go up. Before the offseason I had Cleveland as his spot, but now I think that the Cardinals, Red Sox, White Sox or Rays could just as well be a fit for him. Nolan Gorman could be the clear frontpiece that Cleveland would not offer, Rays could offer J. Lowe, Aranda +, so there is also no pressure from Oakland to accept any deal from Cleveland, just because they have so many interesting prospects.

  4. Kevin Zehnder

    How about Arias, Martinez, Allen, Nikhazy, Noel, and Benson. All these guys could be on the 40 man roster for the A’s next year.

    • Nathan Thompson

      Bibee to Nikhazy is a 8.5 TV downgrade. Brennan to Benson is a 2.6 TV downgrade. Jones to Noel is a 11.9 TV downgrade.

      Arias (7.8 TV) doesn’t come close to covering that value gap.

  5. Big Bat

    What makes anyone think that Murphy is still a target? The A’s certainly aren’t getting a pitching prospect like Bibee from Cleveland for him or he’d be a Guardian already.

    Martinez is being bantered about being the best position prospect in Cleveland’s top farm system. He’s going nowhere for $7.2. That just shows you how far off the national scouting pundits are. If Martinez was a Yankee or a Dodger he’d have a value of 25 or more. Not this site’s fault, but doesn’t make it any less true. Bibee at 10.9 is also not close to what Cleveland values him at. Bibee is right there with Williams and Espino, and the numbers back it up.

    Murphy is a very good catcher. That’s not the problem when discussing a deal with him going to Cleveland. The problem is the cost and more importantly Bo Naylor. Me personally, I’d prefer Jansen to Murphy everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.

    I’m also curious as to why nobody else acquired Murphy either. There were plenty of suitors at the deadline and he’s still an A.

    • Mitch Cerny

      I think a possible (partial) explanation for Oakland not trading Murphy at deadline was the fewer number of teams interested at that point of 2022, as opposed to the off-season number of potential interested teams. (Boston for example) . Oakland’s asking price was high, and rightfully so. There was no urgency for Oakland to make a deal.

      The Cubs didn’t trade Contreras either then, and now won’t be getting more than a draft pick for him, unless they sign him themselves. The urgency seemed to be more on Cubs.

      Murphy would be very good option for Cleveland. ARB 1 contract status gives them 3 years with him. He pairs as RH veteran (w/gold glove) with LH rookie Naylor at C. Jansen is good option as you said. He is ARB 2 but provides RH veteran status also.

      • Calvin Carlisle

        Realistically, if you have Murphy is Bo Naylor REALLY going to ride the pine and make spot starts? That’s three years before Murphy’s contract is up. By now then Naylor is 26 years old. Murphy’s a proven Gold Glove catcher with pop to his bat is going to be tough to unseat (barring injuries). If you have Murphy, I think Naylor becomes a very good makeweight to make a deal.

        • Mitch Cerny

          I don’t think depending on a rookie catcher to play everyday is the way to go.There is a lot to catching besides when it’s his turn to bat. 162 game season is long. I think balancing the spot is most productive approach. Realistically, 3 years of Naylor at minimum wage and gaining experience is not expensive, nor foolish. In the season you refer to he will be ARB 1. That will be a decision time for Cleveland, actually on both Murphy and Naylor. I don’t think having a good catcher that can hit is a crime. Having a rookie with upside as backup is not bad idea. I feel nervous about platooning Naylor and Maille. Maille has been terrific for his salary (more than Murphy, btw) and his role. Clearly Cleveland can upgrade starting and backup catchers.

          • Calvin Carlisle

            Please explain “Maille has been terrific for his salary (more than Murphy, btw) and his role.”

          • Mitch Cerny

            Maille made $900K and Murphy made $725K. Next season Maille $1.3 and Murphy ARB 1 so TBA
            Maille was good value as backup. Hedges (starter) was $4M

  6. joseph walters

    i love sean murphy he is a underrated catcher but guardians is giving up way to much and guardians is destroying their farm system right here

    • Ty Archy

      Their farm would be still fine after this… There is a reason why they had 17 players make MLB debuts this season and could see possibly up to ten next season…

  7. Big Bat

    Bo Naylor is going to be Cleveland’s starting C at the onset of the 23 season. Giving up prized, near ready prospects for a back up C isn’t going to happen and they are not going to trade Naylor.

    Yep, sure is risky relying on a rookie, but the team that won the AL Central and was 1 game away from playing in the AL championship series don’t mind relying on rookies since 17 of them made their debut this season.

    Murphy may very well end up in a Guardian’s uniform, but this is a gross overpay and doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of happening.

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