Yankees & Blue Jays




Yankees & Blue Jays

July 10, 2019


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Giles 28 Majors RHRP High 1.5 22.3 12.6 9.7 9.7 10.7 11.7
Stroman 28 Majors SP High 1.5 37.8 14.8 23 23 26.8 30.6

Blue Jays

Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Cabello Minors OF 15.6 12.5 15.6 18.7
Contreras Minors RHP 4.4 3.5 4.4 5.2
Garcia Minors OF 4.7 3.7 4.7 5.6
Green Minors OF 2.1 1.7 2.1 2.5
Peraza Minors SS 5.1 4 5.1 6.1
Whitlock Minors RHP 2.8 2.2 2.8 3.4
  1. I am sure that the Blue Jay would want quality rather than quantity.

    • Adam King

      There’s tons of quality in there… 2 top 10 prospects…

      • Two top ten prospects can vary depending on the team. The Yankees farm system is not as good as it was and it is still quantity rather than quality.

        • Adam King

          Nice try!!! You just [roved you know nothing about baseball!! Yankees have the 2nd best farm in the game behind only the Padres…

        • Will M

          Fangraphs had the Yankees farm system at 25th in March. I don’t think they’ve done much to climb 23 spots since then.

          • Adam King

            DEAD WRONG TROLL!!! The Yankees farm has been top 5 for the last 5 years strait and never dropped! And Jasson Dominguez shot it up to the 2nd as he’s instantly the #1 prospect in baseball!!!

          • Will M

            Fairly certain you’re not following prospects that closely beyond pinstriped ones. Google away and see the pre-season rankings have the Yankee farm nearer to the bottom. They didn’t have a single prospect in the Baseball America Top 100 before the season. A lot of the plummeting of their farm has to do with prospects making the majors. But it isn’t what is was 2 years ago.

          • Adam King

            NICWE TRY TROLL!!! Yankees had 8 top 100 prospects removes for no reason and acquired 7 via trade who were removed just because they became Yankees… GET OFF THE CRACK!!!

          • Adam you are the one that is misinformed and are showing your lack of knowledge. I just checked several teams on MLB.com Pipeline. The Yankees have only 2 top 100 prospects. Tampa Bay and San Diego have 8 each. Houston and Atlanta have 5 each. Detroit and the White Sox have 4 and many other teams had 3 and I did not check everyone. Please, Adam, realize the Yankees can not buy everything.

  2. Joshua Iversen

    Welcome to the site! It seems like this trade got posted four times by accident. In the future, try to make sure you only click “Post to Trade Board” once. If you did and you think this may be an issue with the site, please let me know and I can talk to our team to get it fixed.

    As for the trade itself, I’m not sure it makes a ton of sense for the Blue Jays. They’re moving their two top trade chips – each with control through 2020 – in exchange for a high-upside 18-year-old and a handful of decent (but underwhelming) prospects. Toronto probably feels like they’re close to contending after the arrivals of Vlad Jr. and Biggio, so I think they’re more likely to target a player closer to the majors like Deivi Garcia or Clint Frazier.

    • Adam King

      I only clicked it once and the site posted it duplicated…

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