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Braves & Padres

January 11, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Kim 27 Majors 2B OF Low 3 40.4 22 18.4 14.7 18.4 22.1
Lesko Minors RHP 15 12 15 18
Merrill Minors SS 30.3 24.2 30.3 36.4
Snell 29 Majors SP Low 1 26.1 16 10.1 8.1 10.1 12.1
Zavala Minors OF 7.8 6.2 7.8 9.4


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Anderson 25 Majors SP Very low 4 16.5 5.1 11.4 9.1 11.4 14.7
Fried 28 Majors SP Low 2 87.9 30.5 57.4 45.9 57.4 68.9
McHugh 35 Majors SP RP Low 2 21.5 11 10.5 8.4 10.5 12.5
  1. Jon White

    Padres get the best LH SP in the game currently plus a solid #4/#5 in Anderson who is cheap and a solid middle relief guy under a pretty good contract. Braves get an SP replacement in Snell, a starting ss and three prospects with upside to replenish the farm.

    • DJ dajuba

      I find this interesting for both teams but I just don’t see these two contenders getting together on an 8 player trade

      • Jon White

        Maybe not. But the Braves, given their strategy of extending core players and the fact that Fried hasn’t (maybe doesn’t want to be) been extended, should sell high on Fried now. But, since they are a contending team, they need to keep a contending team on the field. Snell is capable of approaching Fried type performance….if he’s right. Unfortunately he’s been subject to a LOT of recent injury with adductor issues causing problems with the legs. So, counting on Snell is a huge ? for either the Braves OR Padres if they are looking to contend. Which leads to the rest of the make-up of the trade from the Braves POV. Kim slides into the starting spot at short for the Braves. He’s an extra for the Padres right now and almost certainly will be moved before the start of the season. The three prospects round out the deal, guys with promise but a long, long way away (Merrill at #83 on MLB, Lesko #98, Zavala unranked). The Braves need to re-stock their minor league system.

        The Padres get the #1 LH SP in the game right now, who has 2 years control, and has expressed wishes to move out west close to where he’s from. They get a RH SP with ML success who has shown at least #4/5 ability with possible more. They get a veteran RH relief pitcher at reasonable cost for 23/24 with 24 having a $1M buyout. The dollars are close to a wash with the Braves “probably” taking on a little more payroll depending on arbitration for Fried.

        The Padres almost certainly are a better club the next 2 years because of the trade with a chance to extend Fried or re-coup a pick. Long term they have time to fill their system to replace the young guys.

        The Braves are possibly worse short term, but maybe as good or better depending largely on Kim. My reasoning is if Kim and Snell (plus replacement RH RP) provide 9 WAR combined then that would have to outweigh the combined WAR of Fried (6), Anderson (1) and McHugh (2) ~9WAR. The Braves could play Grissom at LF or Utility and keep his WAR neutral possibly. The long term advantage is the possible development of the prospects for in-house use or future use through trade.

        Padres take on near term upside and shed near term risk. Braves take on near term risk, with possible even/upside, for long term flexibility.

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