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Guardians & Brewers

January 20, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Lauer 27 Majors SP Medium 2 20.2 12.7 7.5 6 7.5 9
Wiemer Minors OF 13.6 10.9 13.6 16.3


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Karinchak 26 Majors RHRP Low 4 28.6 12.6 16 12.8 16 19.2
Tena Minors SS 5 4 5 6
  1. Sean Ricky-Bobby

    I’d be into this is you sub Tena for one of the MLB ready arms like Cody Morris or Xzavion Curry

    • Big Bat

      I’d absolutely do this for Karinchak and any of Curry, Gaddis, Pilkington or Battenfield. If I were the Brewers I’d choose Curry last. Oddly enough, he’s the one with the most value here I think. I might even consider giving the Brewers 2 of the 4 I listed if they wanted. Cleveland is already in a SP jam with even better SP coming. Morris however, will be going nowhere at this time.

      As a Guardian fan I’d do this deal in a minute.

      • Sean Ricky-Bobby

        Indians and Brewers have similar pitching think tanks. Currys deception would be of big interest and Brewers have had some success with changeup development to the point they could believe he can be a solid 5 and dive backend starter. Gaddis Pilkington and Battenfield all seem a bit maxed out where as Curry feels like there is more development potential.

        Karinchak would fill a big need for the Brewers enough that they would part with Wiemer. Lauer feels a bit underrated on the site but I think the Brewers would take a slight downgrade in talent for more control with a hint of some upside.

        • Sean Ricky-Bobby

          What about Curry and Cantillo? Brewers love them some boring low velo lefties.

          • Big Bat

            Uhhhh Cantillo is not a “low velo lefty” and his performance, when on the field is ridiculously good. Emphasis on “when on the field”. Gaddis, Pilkington and Battenfield are not maxed out in their developments. With even slightly improved control they are solid SP with MOR upside.

            I agree with you that Lauer is a bit undervalued here, but he’s 2 yrs from FA and prior to 2021 wasn’t very effective. I give that no credence at all though because he is not the same pitcher he was prior to the 21 season. I encourage anyone to watch video of Lauer in 2019 and 2020 then watch some from 2021 and 2022. The change is drastic and the results show the effect of the change.

            Karinchak is a stud in the BP and would help any team including the Brewers. Lauer and Karinchak make this deal worthwhile for both teams IMO. The other pieces aren’t worth arguing over really.

            The problem Cleveland would have should this deal ever happen is causation. They would have to subsequently trade one of their SP and it’s a logjam right now anyway with Pilkington, Morris, Battenfield, Curry and Gaddis all ready for opportunities. Something has to give in Cleveland because Bibee, Williams, Espino and Allen are all likely going to be ready to make their debut sometime in 23 as well.

  2. Ed dryer

    I get that you don’t think the guardians will move Karinchak, but they have a history of trading from depth and they have some nice depth in the bullpen.

    • Eli Kov

      Karinchak has the highest value and most appeal to a team that understands the Guardians WILL NOT TRADE Clase from their pen.. and the author of this deal is correct.. the Guardians DO have plenty of depth options for their pen.. and would have MORE if this deal were to go forward..

      Karinchak had an efficient and effective season in a set up role while still making the most of the save chances he has. He is a closer on a team that has the best closer in the league.. Tena is has a power bat profile for a middle infielders. Lauer has a short history of being an effective SP, but, mostly, he’s been a journeyman. It’s the reason he may be ever so slightly under rated on the BTV site, he would be one of the guys the Guardians would look for in the deal, as stated. Wiemer is the third OF prospect for the Brewers who are loaded with OF’ers.. so it makes sense for the Brewers to move him.. but he may not be the kind of hitter the Guardians are looking to acquire. Wiemer is a LOT like Clint Frazier.. HUGE pop.. windmill.. walks too little.. strikes out too much. As the deal is currently stated, the Guardians would walk away… if for no other reason than the bust potential of Wiemer who may be better than he’s shown while, at the same time, more highly “priced” on the BTV site than he deserves..

      Hence.. a suggested change:

      The comment by Warmbath claiming the Brewers have a higher chance that they would walk away if it’s Tena as the second player has some truth just like the truth about Wiemer can be seen. It would benefit the Brewers and the Guardians if substituting was off the table. The Guardians & the Brewers can fix the deal by adding Cantillo and Curry to the Brewers’ return & the Guardians adding Quero to their return.. or:

      Brewers get Karinchak, Tena, Cantillo and Curry
      Guardians get Lauer, Wiemer and Quero..

      Does that work better?

      • Sean Ricky-Bobby

        As a Brewers fan I have very little interest in Tena and love Quero.

        What about

        Brewers get Karinchak, Curry and Cantillo

        Guardians get Lauer, Wiemer and Hiura

        Hiura maybe fit on our roster as a DH pinch hitter?

          • Sean Ricky-Bobby

            yeah lol he needs to go be a tank commander on the A’s

    • Big Bat

      Just ignore him Ed. He likes to act like he knows, but he doesn’t know jack. He also likes to speak in absolutes in an effort to shutdown conversation so just let him be and the rest of us can converse normally.

      • Sean Ricky-Bobby

        Our thread was too long to reply so I’ll reply here.
        I thought Cantillo sat around 90 if he had a substantial velo bump he is much more interesting even with injuries. I can see it from the volume of pitches these guys throw how they could start but none of Pilkington, Gaddis and Battenfield excites me much, granted I’ve only seen Pilkington start. I guess my biggest issue would be that none of them profile to excel in a high leverage relief role which causes issues for both teams roster construction. That also applies to Curry but in my eyes his slider? curve breaker is the best pitch out of any the 4 have which might give him the best upside in the pen and rotation.

        I agree on Lauer he is a new pitcher.

        If the Cleveland took Lauer and Wiemer I agree another trade to unclog the depth would be needed which is why this trade is probably DOA. Red Rockies and Tigers all need arms but three team trades are too complicated.

        Also its nice to have an actual convo on a trade

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