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Cardinals & Guardians

January 25, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Plesac 27 Majors SP Medium 3 15.5 7.5 8 6.4 8 9.6


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Baez Minors OF 2.9 2.3 2.9 3.5
Walsh Minors RHP 1.1 0.8 1.1 1.4
Willis Minors RHP 1.9 1.5 1.9 2.3
Yepez 24 Majors 1B DH Medium 6 2.7 0.7 2 1.6 2 2.4
  1. Ty Archy

    I think Cleveland would rather go McGreevey, Bernal and Yepez…

  2. Gavin Gratza

    I mentioned in another comment, but Plesac really serves no use for the Cardinals, while Yepez does. And Baez has a ton of upside

    • Ty Archy

      Cleveland really has no interest in Baez to be honest. They would start the deal with someone like McGreevey…

      Cleveland doesn’t have to move Plesac either and he is better than his WAR says. He is second to none when it comes to doing everything he can to win… He just is the type to run into a brick wall to get a catch and punch things when he is mad. He has missed time cause of his double edge sword…

      • Gavin Gratza

        He still sounds exactly like Dakota Hudson to me. A sinkerballer with a better ERA than what you would expect from his other peripherals. Either way, he’s still a back of the rotation guy or a swingman, and the Cardinals have plenty of those

        • Eli Kov

          Yes.. exactly… MOR to BOR… when he’s on the hill.. & there’s value in that.. He’s going to compete in all ways.. He is the best or one of the best at controlling the running game from the pitcher’s mound.. and he is a tireless worker.. He can start.. He can be a multi-inning reliever.. He can be an opener.. Guardian fans are hopeful, if he’s retained, that he matures and takes full advantage of his talent.. This kind of “development” seems to be a hallmark of the Cardinals organization.. fwiw..

    • Big Bat

      Are the Cardinals looking for SP? If they are then Plesac serves a purpose. If they are not then you are correct in your assessment.

      • Dan Hogan

        The Cardinals are looking for a TOR. As gwaza pointed out, the Cards are extremely deep in MOR and BOR starters. Dakota Hudson has a similar profile and is currently the odd man out.

        • Big Bat

          And who do you think is going to deal them a TOR SP? If Cleveland were willing to deal Bieber the Cardinals couldn’t compete with what the Dodgers would offer. This is probably why deals don’t happen very often. It’s difficult to satisfy both sides.

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