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January 31, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Bush Minors LHP 5.1 4.1 5.1 6.1


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Morgan 26 Majors SP RHRP Medium 5 8.4 2.3 6.1 4.9 6.1 7.4
  1. username 1001

    Bush for Morgan could work if both sides see a need. The Angels are trying to win now and secure an extension for Ohtani. Most of my proposals are with that in mind since there has been no word that the Angels will seek any other remedy for the Ohtani question in 2023 so far.

    Morgan would be an excellent bullpen piece to help do so. Perhaps the Angels would give him a shot to start, but Cleveland used him exclusively as a reliever in 2022 (and likely moving forward as well, so I do question BTV’s valuation of him at the moment since he is still listed as a SP instead of primarily a RHRP)

    Likewise, for Cleveland, they could reload on a potential lefty starter that is the best prospect arm from the Angels. And since the Angels have 3 lefties already in the rotation, that makes a trade for Bush more possible.

    What stops this, I think, is if the Angels do not see the upside in Morgan or if they value more Bush’s long term development potential. As well, Cleveland may be hesitant to trade Morgan if they do not have a replacement ready for the upcoming season or do not think highly of Bush.

  2. Big Bat

    Bush doesn’t make Cleveland’s top 10 and might be just outside their top 15. Morgan threw 66.2 ML innings with an ERA of 3.38 and a FIP of 3.58. The metrics are intimidating and all to me, but something tells me that Morgan is worth more than Bush so this is an easy no from Cleveland. They’d probably give Rosario up for Bush before doing this because Tito loves him some Eli Morgan. Multiple inning reliever that can start on occasion, is durable and throws strikes which is made evident by his 1.8 BB9.

    Unless it’s Quero or O’Hoppe, there isn’t much in the Angels’ system that Cleveland doesn’t have better in multiples, and they probably won’t give up vital pieces of their league leading BP for a SP prospect that immediately gets buried. Cleveland is the wrong organization to deal middling SP prospects to right now and expect much in return. They have more than they can fit in their AAA, AA and A+ affiliates. That’s not to say that Bush isn’t a good SP prospect because he is, you’re just talking about the richest organization in all of baseball when it comes to SP prospects.

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