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February 15, 2023

Blue Jays

Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Bard 38 Majors RHRP Medium 2 22.6 19 3.6 2.9 3.6 4.3
Jones 25 Majors OF Medium 6 11.6 3.1 8.5 6.8 8.5 10.2
Marquez 28 Majors SP Medium 2 40 31.3 8.7 7 8.7 10.4


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Juenger Minors RHP 4.1 3.3 4.1 4.9
Macko Minors LHP 4.1 3.3 4.1 4.9
Martinez Minors SS 8.9 7.1 8.9 10.7
Merrifield 34 Majors 2B OF Medium 2 9.3 7.3 2 1.6 2 2.4
Cash 2
  1. Aidan Donoviel

    JAYS: They need outfield depth. They need a backend starter. They need someone to cover the 7th or 8th inning while Swanson and Bard cover the other 2 innings to end the game. German Marquez will greatly improve a rotation that is very top heavy. After Manoah and Gausman, the are a bunch of question marks. Ryu just plainly isn’t good anymore, Berrios wasn’t great last year and is wildly inconsistent. Marquez had a down year last year,r but you always know what your going to get out of him. He will also benefit from pitching away from the boombox that is Coors Field. Nolan Jones can play the infield and outfield. Think of him as a very high upside, cheap, young version of Whit Merrifield with more power and less speed. Bard is a high leverage hard throwing righty that can handle the 7th, 8th, and 9th.

    COL: No matter how hard they try, they won’t content this year. Orelvis Martinez is a future power hitter at 3 different infield positions. He fell out of the top 100 prospects, but still has untapped potential and high upside. Merrifield is a place holder for prospects to get ready and come up and his contract is helped by 2 million dollars sent in this trade. Macko and Juenger can be future rotation mates or solid relievers, both of which Colorado needs.

    Jays definetly do this, Rockies, with suspect ownership, should also pull the trigger and build for the future, which they haven’t done with past trades

    • Jolly Japester

      The Jays have Gausman, Manoah, Berrios, and Bassitt all controllable for the next 3yrs. They have Ryu coming back sometime after the ASG which will mean 6 SP’s in the rotation.
      With Green also coming back after the ASG, this presents the same problem in the BP.

      With Bassitt, Manoah, Berrios, and Gausman all controllable for 3yrs, adding Marquez means there is no route for any prospects (Tiedeman) to make it to the big club.

      You’re absolutely correct about the Jays needing OF depth. But it should be right handed OF depth to complement Varsho and KK. Jones is lefty.

  2. Aidan Donoviel

    The rockies could give Daza instead of Jones. Less versitality and upside, but much more established.

    As for the rotation, do you really want Ryu to be starting games? I don’t think he gets anywhere near where he was a few years ago. Last year was a disaster. Im surprised they haven’t done something to get away from his big contract. Marquez would upgrade the rotation to at least top 5, if they aren’t already, in the league. maybe top 3. And Marquez won’t be too expensive when he hits free agency.

    It is entirely possible the rockies trade want a younger more controllable releiver in this deal if they give Bard. Bard would be essential to the Jays because Romano got way overworked last year and faded away a bit down the stretch, which is when a playoff contender needs it’s closer’s best. Bard keeps him fresh and even when Green comes back from TJ, the bullpen is the most fluid part of the roster, they can make do with all the high quality arms. It would be a good problem to have

    • Aidan Donoviel

      marquez can help immediatly and then they can let him walk when RT, who needs more time in the high minors and more track record, is ready

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