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February 17, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Duran 25 Majors RHRP SP Low 5 64.3 27.2 37 29.6 37 44.4
Lewis 24 Majors SS Low 6 31.1 8.4 22.7 18.2 22.7 27.2
Martin Minors OF 2B 7.5 6 7.5 9
Winder 25 Majors SP RHRP Low 6 9 0.7 8.3 6.7 8.3 10


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Burnes 28 Majors SP Low 2 106.8 28.5 78.3 62.7 78.3 94
  1. jay monty

    The lack of pitching returning to Milwaukee kills this deal immediately. Duran is a relief pitcher. Winder would be 50/50 to even make the OD roster. Martin is a throw-in. Lewis is a nice prospect, but probably wouldn’t have a place to play with Milwaukee until/if they trade Adames. The Brewers could easily get a better deal for Burnes.

    • Jaime Hernandez

      Brewers are the relief pitching team lol they love their high value relief pitchers and would probably flip Duran in 4 years. That’s their system. Also Martin is not a throw in. He’s 23 with good contact skills and plate discipline. Give him a year to develop more physically and he can become a solid prospect. Lewis can also play outfield and is athletic enough to move around so if he’s healthy he’s finding a spot on any team.

      • Larry Krueger

        Thanks for your comments. I also like the potential of Duran and Williams in the back of the bullpen. You also make good points about Martin and Lewis. I agree with Jmont1 that more pitching is needed. The Brewers also ask for Ober and maybe the deal gets done if the Brewers are confident enough about Winder and Ober’s potential.

        • Jaime Hernandez

          I do agree Brewers find more value in pitching but my problem is I don’t think Ober is much better at what they have in their rotation. They’ll definitely give good depth but how much depth is needed (Wade Miley is already slated as their 7th arm or 6th arm if Burnes gets traded)? Are they willing to take that over a young prospect?

          • Larry Krueger

            Starting pitching depth is important to Milwaukee. If this trade is made, I think the Brewers rotation would be:

            Ober/Houser/Winder (spring training decision to be made)
            Ashby (will miss a couple of months due to injury)

            I think Ober has the best shot at being the #5 starter and Houser the long relief role. If Winder has options left, he’d be in AAA as depth. Winder and Ober have 6 years of control and Woodruff and Lauer become free agents in 2025 and Miley can be a free agent after this season. I feel this is why depth is important.

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