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February 20, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Civale 28 Majors SP Low 3 31.9 13 18.9 15.1 18.9 22.7
Rosario 27 Majors SS OF Medium 1 18.6 7.8 10.8 8.6 10.8 13


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Grissom 22 Majors 2B 3B Very low 6 72.5 41.8 30.8 24.6 30.8 37
  1. Mitch Cerny

    From Cleveland side: Rosario solid but not signing him in 2024 so trade him now. Move Giminez to SS as experts speculated. Improve defense at SS. Replace Giminez with Grissom at 2B. Young and pretty good player. MLB ready. Most importantly, save money. Especially with Bally-hoo on TV contract

    From Atlanta side: Tough letting Grissom go, but get SS they can extend. Rosario(27) sure solid player. Good work ethic, hustle. Add Civale to rotation as they need SP for sure. He fits in at 3/4 and the others bump down. He has couple years before FA so maybe they keep him also. Maybe they’d like Plesac and OF Placios instead of Civale but numbers won’t match on this site. I think Rosario is under appreciated.

  2. J.M. F.

    And Cleveland blocks their stockpile of middle infield prospects for another unproven player with questionable defense. No thank you.

  3. Big Bat

    As a Cleveland fan I give this a thumbs up, but I don’t think there’s anyway that the Braves agree to this. Unfortunately for us Cleveland fans Rosario’s value doesn’t even appear to be what it is listed here and they have plenty of BOR arms themselves so there is no need for Civale.

  4. Mac Daddy

    I’m a Braves fan. I also don’t know much about Aaron Civale beyond what I’ve been able to read online in under 5 minutes. I don’t see where he fits a need for the Braves.

    WestCasey, you wrote “Add Civale to rotation as they need SP for sure. He fits in at 3/4 and the others bump down”. You probably don’t know this but the Braves rotation is looking like Max Fried, Spencer Strider, Charlie Morton, Kyle Wright, and maybe Michael Soroka or Ian Anderson. Maybe Bryce Elder.

    You probably also don’t know that the bankruptcy regarding Bally Sports that’s affecting the Guardians’ broadcast also has a similar effect with the Braves.

    You probably also don’t know that Ronald Acuna Jr. (he’s really good) and Michael Harris II (he’s good too, NL Rookie of the Year 2023). in the outfield. Left field is a big question mark for the Braves. Competing for a spot in Spring Training are the following:

    Marcell Ozuna
    Eddie Rosario
    Eli White
    Jordan Luplow
    Sam Hillibrand
    Kevin Pillar

    I don’t know much about Richie Palacios but I can see that he got his first games in the Majors last season and he hit a wRC+ of 65. Better than Eddie Rosario, but that’s not saying a whole lot. Palacios is just not the right guy for the Braves to add right now.

    I know Amed Rosario a little and I watched him play for the Mets a bunch. I agree that he’s under appreciated by many fans who don’t follow the Guardians. Rosario”s good and he’s also a free agent after this season, as you noted. You might not know this but the Braves don’t really have a good internal replacement for Grissom, so while Amed might work out for 2023, there’s nothing much past that. Extend or re-sign him though? Sure, the Braves could do that but they’re already towards the top in terms of team payrolls, fans are still hopeful they’ll be able to extend Max Fried, so if Grissom can work out then that’s a much more affordable option for several more seasons.

    Rosario’s been pretty good, a 2 WAR player, a good glove and a good bat. A number of projections have Grissom also being a 2 WAR player with the same good glove/good bat combo. Given the completely unnecessary addition of this “3/4” starting pitcher and the clear advantages in keeping Grissom, I find this trade proposal to be untenable.

  5. Mitch Cerny

    I will mark you down as a no.

    Listening to your description of starters 4/5 as morton (39) and maybe, maybe, maybe… was sort of what made me think Atlanta could use civale.

    I was aware of LF situation. Did not Know about TV contract. You were off base about Acuna and Harris.

    Appreciate your opinion and explanations. Beats a lot of responses.

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