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Brewers & Dodgers

February 24, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Liranzo Minors C 1.7 1.3 1.7 2.1
Miller Minors RHP 37.3 29.8 37.3 44.8
Pepiot 25 Majors SP Low 6 13.4 2.3 11.1 8.9 11.1 13.3
Vargas 23 Majors 1B 3B Low 6 30.4 0.7 29.7 23.8 29.7 35.6


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Burnes 28 Majors SP Low 2 106.8 28.5 78.3 62.7 78.3 94
  1. Mr. Dodger

    I don’t think that the Dodgers will trade Vargas and Liranzo. Put Stone, Ferguson, and Grove in instead, and that would be a better trade.

    • Eli Kov

      Or… there might be a better solution for the Dodgers & Brewers if a 3rd team is brought in:

      Dodgers Get SP Corbin Burnes (78.3) & CF Sal Frelick (32.7)
      111.0 In / 111.3 Out

      Brewers get C Diego Cartaya (54.5), SP Bobby Miller (37.3) SS/2BRayne Doncon (4.3) & RP James Karinchak (16.0)
      112.1 In / 111.0 Out

      Guardians get SP Ryan Pepiot (11.1), C Jesus Galiz (1.7) and RF Jose Ramos (2.4)
      15.2 In / 16.0 Out

      Dodgers get their TOR SP and an athletic CF’er poised to be very special if it all clicks..

      Brewers get two of the best prospects in all of baseball, a young very talented lottery
      ticket Middle infielder and a well kept secret back of the bullpen closer with several
      years of control remaining..

      Guardians get a potential upgrade to their starting staff.. a young/lottery ticket catcher
      that is clearly talented and a switch hitting corner outfielder two years away from being
      a factor ..

      Dodgers like the deal because they get the best SP they could hope for..
      Brewers like the deal as it solves three issues and provides a lottery ticket..
      Guardians like the deal because they get a SP upgrade and two kids with talent..


      • Mr. Dodger

        Swap Frelick with Adam Seminaris. Also, why would the Brewers want Cartaya when they just aquired William Contreras?

        • Eli Kov

          @Mr. Dodger Disagree with this posting.. talent will’s out.. always in baseball..

          So, no on Seminaris.. a little smallish lefty who was promoted in spite of his downward spiral of performance in 2022 instead of a bona fide projectable ML centerfielder?.. Here’s another ‘non-partisan’ scouting summary: He’s never going to accused of being a Tom Glavine clone.. NEVER EVER.. His stuff (high 80’s/low 90’s FB, a flat slurve and a change up that presents as a batting practice fastball) is just not that good. He’s also getting older, so, projection may best be described as ‘what you see is what you get’… Also, Milwaukee already has plenty of back of rotation / bulk relievers, they don’t need another one.. THIS IS AN EASY PASS…

          Every team needs two catchers.. A pair of starters means a 60/40 split of the time behind the plate that gives the team the best chance to have healthy and fresh catching group for the post season. This is an unassailable argument..

          Your comment/response is welcome..

          • Dusty Baker

            While I cannot argue that a team would like 2 good catchers, getting a catcher who projects to split time behind the plate and block another good catcher that you just got seems like a waste of not just one trade, but 2.

  2. jay monty

    GSon: The Brewers would never accept Cartaya as part of a deal for Burnes. They have Contreras with Quero coming up. They certainly aren’t going to trade for a backup catcher as the major player in a trade for Burnes. They don’t need Doncon because they have many middle Infs. already.

    • Jaime Hernandez

      Flipping Quero or Cartaya wouldn’t be an issue. Either one of them would take over the catching position from Contreras most likely since he’s not the best defensively. Then it would be a catcher/DH platoon of Contreras and Quero/Cartaya with Contreras only catching every other game to give either Quero or Cartaya a rest. Not saying Brewers would say yes to the trade or actively seek Cartaya from the dodgers in a trade, but if they end up with Cartaya from a trade it wouldn’t be a horrible issue.

    • Eli Kov

      Sorry this took a couple of days to get back to you.. Cartaya is a vastly superior backstop to William Contreras.. The existence of Quero only adds to the depth of an area of a team that DEMANDs depth.. The phrase: you can never have too much good pitching applies to catching.. It’s the most demanding position in baseball when you exclude pitching.. As was stated.. getting a prospect like Cartaya in any return is not the worst thing..

      It should be noted that the deal was restructured to exclude Vargas, who seems to be a “Dodger’s Darling”..

      The Dodgers have bigger needs to fill if the results from Monday’s MRI is as bad as the comments regarding a “pop” sound..

      The focus on getting a deal done without the brewers involvement could become that much more intense..

  3. Jaime Hernandez

    I think dodgers are more likely to trade Stone over Miller. Also I don’t see Dodgers trading Vargas away because he’ll be a big part of the lineup this year. Unless Brewers include Luis Urias. The Dodgers would need to include another prospect or two to cover that added value coming in.

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