White Sox & Cardinals & Dodgers




White Sox & Cardinals & Dodgers

March 2, 2023

White Sox

Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Carlson 24 Majors OF Low 4 78.3 28.4 49.9 39.9 49.9 59.9
Cartaya Minors C 54.5 43.6 54.5 66.4
Hence Minors RHP 25.8 20.6 25.8 31
Montgomery 30 Majors SP Medium 1 19.5 10.1 9.4 7.5 9.4 11.3
Outman Minors OF 6.8 5.4 6.8 8.2
Stone Minors RHP 22.2 17.8 22.2 26.6
Cash 0.5


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Cease 27 Majors SP Low 3 109.4 34.2 75.2 60.2 75.2 90.2
Crochet 24 Majors LHRP Very low 4 17.5 4 13.5 10.8 13.5 16.2
Miller Minors RHP 37.3 29.8 37.3 44.8


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Donovan 26 Majors 2B Medium 6 61.2 19.6 41.6 33.3 41.6 49.9
Robert 25 Majors OF Very low 5 143.2 70 73.2 58.6 73.2 87.9
Vera Minors RHP 5.1 4.1 5.1 6.1
  1. Z L

    Big trades are fun 🙂

    But in all honesty with what happened to Lux (hope he recovers well) I thought I’d come up with a fun block buster that makes sense for all teams involved, just hear me out. (Especially South Side Fans)

    So the Sox get a massive haul of young talent for the two faces of the franchise. The .5 I have is for Jordan Hicks since I couldn’t actually include him but he would be a good BP arm to make up for Hendriks being treated. They very likely take a step back for 2023 (barring a breakout from season Carlson and ROY from Cartaya) but in 2024? Holy smokes. Along with Colson Montgomery they also get likely debuts from Hence and Stone to head their rotation from that point onwards and Cartaya gets a year of MLB experience under his belt. Carlson and Outman raise the defensive floor of the OF and the Colas at some point this season and they could still very well have a shot at the AL central. (Plus this keeps Eloy strictly at DH where he is less likely to get inured)

    Dodgers lose big time prospects but ultimately gain 2 key players at spots they’re currently a little lackluster at but ultimately make the big league team better. Robert in CF in that lineup?

    Cardinals get the Ace they’ve needed for years, and another TOR in Miller, plus a lights out lefty in the bullpen, even if he is on an innings limit after coming back from surgery. Losing Tink hurts but we ultimately get strong arms now, rather than later and that’s a sacrifice I’d make.

  2. Z L

    I know there’s no chance of it happening but I am curious, would you do this trade?

    • Eli Kov

      Cardinals love this deal the most.. they get an immediate ace of their staff (Cease) along with who might challenge Cease as ace of the staff with Bobby Miller.. Kick in a hard throwing LHRP in Crochet, and all the cardinals pitching issues disappear.. but it costs them…

      The CWSox, would signal their intentions to give up on the 2023 season with this deal.. It would be a firm capitulation, albeit, but for only one year.. Being removed from truly being able to contend in a relatively weak division is a big loss.. but the reward can be six years of a strong window of contention? FWIW, the CWSox FO doesn’t have the balls to make this kind of deal.. who would?

      The Dodgers get a middle infielder that is a flat out stud.. ditto to the CF’er they get.. Vera is a “meh” SP.. At the end of the day, emasculating the Dodgers minor league pitching depth for two stud fielders is never going to happen.. as you’ve stated..

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