Guardians & Yankees




Guardians & Yankees

March 9, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Jones Minors OF 16.8 14 16.8 19.6


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Morgan 27 Majors SP RHRP Medium 5 8.4 2.3 6.1 4.9 6.1 7.4
Plesac 28 Majors SP Medium 3 15.5 7.5 8 6.4 8 9.6
  1. Marc Guarino

    Although not an exciting trade for the Yankees they fill a need with MLB ready pitchers, starting and relief. Maybe too much to give up for Jones, but he’s a player at least a couple of years away. High ceiling prospect, but like most prospects could be an all-star, could be a washout.

    • Eli Kov

      Love Jones as an upside prospect.. Huge levers and power.. and has gotten to it at every level.. He might be a better athlete than Judge.. Plesac and Morgan are decent roster fillers.. not much more.. In other words.. those two guys wouldn’t be the reason the Guardians won ___________ (anything come to mine?).. but Spencer Jones.. might be..

  2. Big Bat

    We can do better in a return for Morgan than this. I don’t know what world Plesac is worth more than Morgan, but it isn’t the real one. I don’t think we need another LHH OFer either. I’d prefer Dominguez or Pereira over Jones, but we’re stuck with Straw so I’m not sure where they’d play.

    • Marc Guarino

      Jones is the type of high upside position player the Cleveland organization is lacking. I think the only way the Yankees make this trade is out of some desperation, which I think is the case about now. I don’t see how trading Morgan would be a hindrance. Both Plesac and Morgan are replaceable in my mind. Another good to great year from Jones will jump him way up the top 100 list, and at that point he will be too costly to acquire.

      • Ty Archy

        I get the idea of the deal, but I actually don’t see the Yankees doing this… Especially since Jones likely could net them a way better SP at the trade deadline…

        • Marc Guarino

          Oh, no doubt. I was looking at Yankee prospects to fill what I see as organizational needs. Jones is just too tempting due to his potential, but there are other intriguing options. I would think the Empire wouldn’t go for this, but you never know considering their injury issues…they may need help way before the trade deadline. Thanks for the comment.

      • Big Bat

        So another good year form Jones will put him in the same category as Valera and DeLauter. We already have Brennan and Kwan at the ML level. Tito stated that Josh Naylor would likely be seeing time in RF again. Point is, we don’t need anymore LHH OFers.

        You’re underestimating the value that Morgan provides and provided the Guardians. Pretty badly actually.

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