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March 11, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Brujan 25 Majors 2B OF Medium 6 8 0.7 7.3 5.8 7.3 8.8


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Morrobel Minors OF 8.7 7 8.7 10.4
  1. Guillermo hernandez

    Taveras is out for a few months. Brujan can play CF, and he gets his chance to sink or swim. A top 50 prospect this time last year, and hit very well in AAA last year. Brujan has lost ground in the Rays system. Brujan has passed him in the long term, and Tristan Gray has passed him in the short term. The Rays need a 40 man spot for Gray to be the backup SS until Walls is back. Brujan’s time is over in TB.

    • M P

      Yeah, I suspect the Rays are trying to move Brujan. Just no room for him on the roster. Still not convinced Gray gets added to the 40 man though. Knowing the Rays, they’ll use his spot to add a reliever.

      • Guillermo hernandez

        I meant Basabe has passed him in long term plans.

        If the season started today, give me Gray as Wander’s backup until Walls comes back. I said Gray was a darkhorse before ST started, or maybe a game into it. But with the spring he’s having, how much they’ve played him at SS even though he spent most of his 2022 in the OF and at 1b, I’m starting to think that dark horse is leading the pack. We’re aren’t down the stretch yet, but we’re getting closer.

        I watched the game today. Gray made some nice plays, starting 2 should-have-been double plays. Slick glove work for a guy that plays 6 positions routinely, and hits 30+ bombs in 500 AAA games. Simon and Aranda are neck and neck as to the slowest hands to ever man 2nd base in a Rays uniform. Holy cow is Simon bad. I had no idea. His turns were molasses, and both throws to first had to have been under 60 MPH. Whatever hope I had for that dude, after seeing him play, is gone.

        • Guillermo hernandez

          Edit: 500 PA, not games.

          Basabe is better than Gray long term. Maybe even right now. But I don’t see them starting his clock to pinch run a few times the first 2 months or so til Walls is back. If Wander goes down again, I see Basabe as the starting shortstop until Walls or wander get back. But if you have five PA per week while backing up two middle infielders that don’t get platooned, keep Basabe down, and either Gray, DRob, Culberson ride the pine in the MLB til May.

        • M P

          I hate to say it, but I totally agree on Simon (and said so yesterday at DRB). I wasn’t impressed by the fielding of Gray or Shenton either to be honest. I now give Gray a less than 10% chance of making the roster. If anything happens to Franco while Walls is out, Paredes can fill the void as well as Gray. Brujan would be an improvement on both though, if he isn’t traded before OD.

          DRB misses you buddy. You should come back and give the community another chance.

          • Guillermo hernandez

            Thanks for the invite back, but I doubt you ever see me there again. It just wasn’t good for my mental health by the end. You research and write five paragraphs, and the comment you wake up to the next morning is “pop time” for the tenth day in a row, or “the new Walls”. It ruins the enjoyment.

            I made it clear. I didn’t appreciate it. I finally just flat out asked that guy to stop, and his comment (paraphrased, they deleted it after I asked to have my membership canceled, in addition to numerous other posts) “making you upset makes me happy, and if it makes me happy I’ll keep doing it”. That comment got like 8 recs, and I was done.

            I’m not innocent. I will eventually motherfuck everybody if the conversation goes on long enough and gets heated enough. But I won’t follow anybody around pulling their pants down and throwing spit balls at them. I help those people back up. There’s people whose fun is cutting others down. Draysbay has a lot of those guys. Some of them proudly admit it. I just got hit with too many spitballs, and too many people enjoyed it.

          • Guillermo hernandez

            Speak of the devil.

            Just went and checked out the latest thread. Guess who’s there throwing fucking spitballs. Adding nothing to the conversation, just bringing somebody down for his own enjoyment. No opinion, no thought provocation, no decency. Just there to pull your pants down and laugh at you. It’s who he is, it’s what he does.


  2. M P

    Shaq – According to the Tampa Times, the Rays are looking to extend Mead, J.Lowe, Paredes and your boy Walls. I like it (although I probably wouldn’t extend Walls).

    • Guillermo hernandez

      Well that’s awesome. I haven’t seen that info anywhere. Love it. Walls could get locked up and have his arbitration years bought out for like $10M right now. But if he goes out and puts up a 90 wRC+ season next year, now you owe him Myles Straw money, or even KK money. 3-5 win SS are extremely valuable.

      And holy shit I hope to be wrong on Josh Lowe. Loving his spring. I’m coming around on him. You are pushing them all along. I will gladly give you the praise you are owed. Our 5th SP is definitely going to be bullpen day lol. Patino is horrendous, and Chirinos is doing his best Patino impression.

      • M P

        You’ll laugh, but after Chirinos’ shit show today, I gotta imagine Fleming has a decent chance to be our 5th starter on OD. Nothing’s decided yet of course, but it’s a growing possibility.

        • Guillermo hernandez

          I haven’t ruled out “outside hire”, but if the choice is Chirinos, Patino, Fleming, that’s an easy Fleming for me. He can’t dominate a 5 inning game the way those other two potentially could, but he probably won’t lose the game in the first inning the way those other 2 can/will. Chirinos has been throwing meatballs every outing since he came back, and Patino is the worst pitcher in baseball.

          They’ve stretched out a reliever 2 years in a row. I would not be surprised at all if they work Adam multiple innings, and try to stretch him out. He already has 4 pitches, a starters arsenal.

          • M P

            Nah. I can’t see the Rays messing with Adam because they have a 1-3 week need. Eventually Glasnow will return and Bradley will be ready. I’m also still a believer that Patino could be an asset. That oblique might have affected him all last year. I don’t think Patino will be much of an asset on OD though, based on the control problems he showed in his last game. Cash seems confident those control problems will be easy to clean up now that his stuff has returned (see MLB article at the Rays page) but I’m not so sure it will be that easy.

            Unlike Springs and Ras of years past, Adam is a single inning specialist. Those other guys worked multi innings before being stretched out. If anyone gets stretched out, it’ll probably be Beeks. I don’t think that’ll be necessary though.

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