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March 18, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Baty 23 Majors 3B Low 6 54.4 12.4 42 33.6 42 50.4
Rosario 27 Majors SS OF Medium 1 18.6 7.8 10.8 8.6 10.8 13
Cash 2


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Frasso Minors RHP 5.1 4.1 5.1 6.1
Outman Minors OF 6.8 5.4 6.8 8.2
Pepiot 25 Majors SP Low 6 13.4 2.3 11.1 8.9 11.1 13.3
Tidwell Minors RHP 5.6 4.5 5.6 6.7


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Doncon Minors SS 4.3 3.4 4.3 5.2
Ferguson 26 Majors LHRP SP Medium 3 7.9 3.3 4.6 3.7 4.6 5.5
Karinchak 27 Majors RHRP Low 4 28.6 12.6 16 12.8 16 19.2
Stone Minors RHP 22.2 17.8 22.2 26.6
  1. Ty Archy

    I still don’t think Karinchak is available… If he was, how does this help Cleveland in 23?

    • Eli Kov

      Another one of your useless comments..

      Team is better by loads..

      • J.M. F.

        I see that Gson is still unable to have a baseball discussion without being rude.

        Personally, I don’t see the Dodgers trading both Pepiot and Stone with their current pitching injuries. I don’t see Cleveland weakening their bullpen this close to the start of the season. It also appears that Rosario is part of the Guardians’ plans for 2023.

  2. Eli Kov

    Potential for 2023, Nick Frasso: “…Like (Gavin) Stone, he [Frasso] was mostly a reliever in college, so there may be further gains to come if he can stay healthy and stick as a starter in 2023. That could make him one of the best pitching prospects in baseball this time next year. Or it just might make him the Dodgers eighth-inning guy by August…”

    Potential for 2023, James Outman: With the current struggles with the projected RF’er, having another option in the OF would make the most sense for a club intending to compete.. Outman is impressing the Dodger staff with athleticism, hitting, defense and maturity. Being ready to compete in 2023 is clearly in his wheelhouse.. that and his triple slash line against both RHP’s and LHP’s..

    Potential for 2023, Pepiot: Currently the front runner for the Dodgers # 5 starting spot. With Gonsolin (out for two weeks.. or missing one start, Michael Grove and others) the loss of Pepiot/Stone would weaken their fifth rotation spot.. but would open the door for the next ten years of Brett Baty at the Hot Corner.. something the Dodgers would seriously consider..

    Potential for 2023, Blade Tidwell: None.. Lottery Ticket…

    So..this is how these guys help in 2023..

    As far as communicating.. jmf.. you matter not at all.. make it your life’s mission to NEVER comment again to any note presented in any way by your superior… Start with this one..

    • J.M. F.

      A major part of a MLB GM’s job is building solid working relationships with the other 29 GMs something you are incapable of doing. Your arrogant and condescending post assures me that you would be a failure so you should look to a different field when you decide to grow up from your middle school maturity level and become a responsible, functioning adult. Also, I will comment whenever I see fit to whether it is one of yours or not.

      Frasso has 11 2/3 innings at AA last season. Any impact for 2023 would be very late and very limited. The Dodgers can’t afford to trade Pepiot and Stone when they are counting on the oft injured Kershaw and Syndergaard to be 40% of their rotation. I don’t see the Dodgers trading 2 of their top 3 near ready or ready pitching prospects. That would be very risky for them. Michael Grove has nowhere near the potential of the other two.

      I wouldn’t mind adding Pepiot to the Guardians. It would give them more starting depth. Outman has two downfalls for his usefulness to the Guardians. He is another left handed hitter. Though he has power, he struck out over 29% of the time at AAA last season. He or Brennan would end up back at AAA where Brennan has little to prove there.

      Cleveland would lose a key piece of the back end of the bullpen in your deal. Yes, Cleveland has plenty of possible replacements, but are they ready to pitch to Karinchak’s level in 2023? Your trade is one step forward then one big step back for the Guardians.

      Regardless, I don’t see the Dodgers having any interest in participating in your deal. I don’t see them willing to or able to trade both Pepiot and Stone.

      • Big Bat

        JMF I understand what you are saying, but you need to look at Outman’s numbers since undergoing some swing changes early last season. His SO rate has dramatically fallen and he doesn’t have a split issue. Doesn’t really matter though because as much as I’d like to have him the Dodgers probably aren’t letting him go unless he has to be used to get someone like Bieber.

        Also, Frasso isn’t near the top 3 SP prospects for the Dodgers. Right now it probably goes Miller, Stone, Pepiot, Nastrini and Knack. Frasso has a big arm, but he is a likely BP candidate.

        This is just my opinion, but for Karinchak and Rosario I’d happily take this package. However, I don’t think the Dodgers would go for it at all. Why would they want Baty? Rosario might be useful to them, but not at the expense of Outman, Stone, Pepiot and Ferguson. There’s no way they would do that. I also think they would have as much interest in Karinchak as the Mets.

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