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White Sox & Rays

April 28, 2023

White Sox

Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Jones Minors SS OF 5.4 4.5 5.4 6.3
Paredes 24 Majors 3B Low 5 39.2 23.6 15.6 12.5 15.6 18.7
Patino 23 Majors SP RHRP Low 4 0 0 0 0 0 0


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Kopech 27 Majors SP RHRP Low 3 29.9 11 18.9 15.1 18.9 21.7
  1. Guillermo hernandez

    Not too much longer til the White Sox sellof begins. The White Sox don’t need a project pitcher in arbitration. The Rays do though.

    The Rays have a lot of corner infield talent, but would love 2.5 years of a high upside SP that needs a change of scenery.

    • M P

      Is this the year the Rays go for the project (Kopech) or more of a sure thing (Giolito)? I agree the White Sox are heading for a sell off, but they may only sell rentals like Giolito.

      • Guillermo hernandez

        Giolito’s fine. I just know I’m done with Faucher. Didn’t cover first on a ground ball to the first baseman in his last start, cost us a run. Didn’t back up home today on the throw from Siri. Thankfully it didn’t cost us a run, but you better believe I noticed it in live time. He’s standing right next to Mejia at the plate, so he knows he’s supposed to back it up. He just decided running to the backstop isn’t necessary, and instead, Mejia can chase the ball if it gets past him. Unacceptable. Minimal effort, I’m done with him.

        Not a lot of holes on this Rays team, but SP and RP are holes. Love what Chirinos is doing, but I’d like to take advantage of his options. I’d like 1 or 2 arms in Durham besides Taj that can get Major Leaguers out. The Rays need to trade for a #5. Any of Cease, Giolito, Kopech work for me. Of course Cease will never happen, and it probably shouldn’t. I’m also not sure I wouldn’t try to Kopech into a high end reliever, just for this year. It’s easier to teach and learn for relievers. They get to throw 4 times a week, while a starter throws 1.5 times per week. If your curve is missing due to arm slot, a reliever can work on fixing it tomorrow. A starter has to wait 4 days. Additionally, this team is going to the postseason, and high end relievers are more valuable than #4 SP in Nov.

        I got no problem if they DFA Faucher tomorrow. He’s got Wil Myers syndrome: minimal effort, dumb as shit. They can’t even get the guy to realize he’s a fielder as soon as the balls hit, and that he always has somewhere he needs to be, let alone teach him spin rates and pitch tunneling. Cover first, backup home, not be a spectator. He doesn’t care. Good riddance Mr Faucher.

        • M P

          I don’t think Faucher is a lost cause. He’s basically a rookie after all. That said, he’s not Springs or Ras who the Rays turned into legit 4 IP openers before anointing them starters. Faucher should be a 1 inning mid-game reliever right now. I wouldn’t ask more of him until he proves he can handle it and he cleans up other aspects of his game.

          Do the Rays need another starter to get through the season or to succeed in the playoffs? That’s the million dollar question. I say no right now. A post season lineup of Glas, McClanny, Ras and Eflin/Bradley is better than any lineup the Rays are likely to face in the post-season. Of course, we are 5 months from the playoffs. Getting through the season is the bigger question, but the Rays are probably good with 4 starters, a bullpen day and Bradley waiting in the wings. I doubt they do anything before the Deadline unless there’s another injury. Rays pitching is built for just this sort of pitching style.

          • Guillermo hernandez

            You can have Faucher. I’m done with him. There’s some people that aren’t teachable, and he’s one of them. Ground ball to the first baseman, he doesn’t cover first. Next game, throw home from CF, and he doesn’t back up the throw. After playing baseball for 20 years, you either have that instinct or you don’t. He doesn’t, and he never will. The Rays would be foolish to continue to try to teach someone who isn’t willing or capable to learn.

            This last one was the most egregious to me. He sprinted home plate, but stopped to watch the play, rather than get to the backstop. He knew where he was supposed to be, he just chose not to get there. He would never play for me again.

          • Guillermo hernandez

            Holy smokes, Beeks needs to go to Durham for a month honest to God, you can’t trust him in a 10-run game.

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