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May 13, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Bryant 31 Majors 3B OF Low 5.8 53.3 153.4 -100.1 -120.1 -100.1 -80.1
Dollard Minors RHP 5.6 4.5 5.6 6.7
Hand 33 Majors LHRP Medium 1.8 5.4 1.6 3.8 3 3.8 4.6
Murphy 32 Majors C High 0.8 6.4 1.3 5 4 5 6
Cash 81


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Gonzalez Minors OF 7.5 6 7.5 9
Moniak 25 Majors OF Medium 4.8 -4.6 0.6 0 0 0 0
Sanchez Minors SS 2.4 1.9 2.4 2.9
White 27 Majors 1B High 5.8 0 19.5 -19.5 -15.6 -19.5 -23.4


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Cron 33 Majors 1B Medium 0.8 7.4 6.4 1 0.8 1 1.2
Rodgers 26 Majors 2B SS Medium 2.8 17.8 9.3 8.5 6.8 8.5 10.2
Stassi 32 Majors C Medium 2.8 8.7 13.3 -4.6 -5.5 -4.6 -3.7
  1. Chris L

    Very interesting if Rendon was injured/someone would trade a good pitcher while the Angels covered the money that would be covered for them by the Rockies

    • Chaim Bloom

      I think LAA should go all in for their last season of Ohtani. They don’t have a good farm system, so to acquire talent, I think they should take on bad contracts. With how often Bryant and Rendon are injured, I’m not concerned about positional overlap, especially since Bryant is passable in the OF. If they are both healthy and there isn’t an open outfield spot, then sit Urshela.

      If this is a deadline deal, then LAA will have to pay a bit more than 7M additional for this season, so they will go over the luxury tax this year. But after this year, they have Bryant for 55M over 5 years, which is a decent contract (assuming none of the 81M goes toward this year). So this year hurts LAA financially, but long term they are fine.

      I plan on looking at some bad contract pitcher acquisitions for LAA in the next week or so as well.

      • Chris L

        Definitely agree; Hand and Dollard being underrated returns as the key veteran plug in the pen the Angels have been looking for, and getting a good prospect arm in return without giving up any home grown ones.

  2. Chaim Bloom

    Angels go all in for one last push with Ohtani. They take on Bryant’s contract, solidify their catching while O’Hoppe is hurt, pick up a solid reliever, and get a high floor young arm who could potentially make spot starts this season. This season hurts financially, as they go over the luxury tax, but with the money from the Rockies Bryant’s contract isn’t a problem long term.

    Rockies hit the reset button. They save 11ish M per year on Bryant, and the dead money from Bryant and Arenado comes off the books right around when the Rockies should have their next core together. They also pick up a pair of high ceiling prospects and a pair of once-promising young players. Short term they get worse, but this gives them a better long term outlook.

    Cron is a huge upgrade for the M’s at DH, and Rodgers (assuming he’s back for the stretch run/playoffs) is a huge upgrade at 2nd. They give up a solid near MLB ready starter and a pair of long term high upside prospects. Rodgers is young and controllable, which partially offsets prospect loss. The M’s may want the Angels to throw in Rengifo to upgrade 2nd while Rodgers is hurt.

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