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Guardians & Mets

May 17, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Allan Minors RHP 2.9 2.3 2.9 3.5
Mauricio Minors SS 20.5 16.4 20.5 24.6
Megill 27 Majors SP RHRP Medium 4.8 6.6 2.1 4.5 3.6 4.5 5.4
Ramirez Minors OF 21.1 16.9 21.1 25.3
Vientos 23 Majors 3B DH Medium 5.8 10.4 0.6 9.8 7.8 9.8 11.8


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Bieber 28 Majors SP Low 1.8 84 22.5 61.5 49.2 61.5 73.7
  1. Ty Archy

    And Cleveland would do this one why?

    IF Bieber was available the counter would be Jett Williams/Parada, Tidwell, Vasil, Vientos, and probably one more… Cleveland I know wanted Williams in the draft. They don’t want Ramirez or Mauricio at all… Include those either way or both of two and the deal is a no…


      Cleveland will never get that haul for 1 1/2 years of Bieber. And I love Bieber. And how do you know they don’t want Ramirez or Mauricio at all? Mauricio can play the OF. They need hitters, not pitchers! Not much bigtime hitting in the pipeline.

      • Ty Archy

        First off Cleveland values contact skills over power… Mauricio actually is really similar to Arias when Arias is healthy. (Arias wasnt healthy in 22 and when he was, he was actually really good at AAA being super young as well) Arias is a better fielder while Mauricio has more power. With Cleveland, they would rather have the plus defense…

        I mean you can make some argument for Mauricio, but with the fact they have so many top prospects in their system that are MIF, it’s very difficult to see them acquiring a player that has only played MIF. He’s never played in the OF. So he’s a stretch for Cleveland to be interested in him…

        Now when it comes to Ramirez… He is rule 5 eligible next season, and he’s only played at A ball and had 120+ SOs and isn’t a contact first guy. He’s definitely a pure no in Cleveland’s mind. He doesn’t fit what they want and he has to protected and won’t be ready until late 24, early 25… If they are going to get a guy with that ETA for Bieber, it will be someone who isnt at rule 5 eligibility…

        Plus Cleveland always gets more pitching when dealing Pitchers like Clevinger and Bauer (with about the same amount of control) they got two SPs back in both deals, so they will want the same for Bieber. Mets don’t have very many of the the SPs Cleveland likes. So it’s literally they have to have Tidwell and Vasil or no deal. That’s the only two pitchers they would want…

        If you aren’t willing to pay the price for Bieber, Cleveland isn’t going to trade him. They don’t have to unless a team meets their price and the price is what I said earlier…

  2. J.M. F.

    Not even close to what the Guardians would want or need in any Bieber trade. Cleveland has no need for another middle infielder so having Mauricio as a main piece makes no sense for Cleveland. Easy no for the Guardians.


      Cleveland needs hitters and Mauricio, Vientos and Ramirez will all be regulars in MLB. I think you are over-rating the middle infielders in the Cleveland system. Rocchio is not even a Top 10 SS prospect according to MLB Pipeline. Freeman can’t stay healthy and Tito refuses to play him when he’s been up. He’ll never have power. Tena? Martinez? Not even close to Mauricio, who is tearing up the IL at age 22. Could have 30+ HR power in the big leagues and steal a few bases. Potential 30-30 guy. Cleveland will not get a huge haul for 1 1/2 years of Bieber, whose velocity is down. All that said, Mets would never do this because they’d be giving up too much.

      • Big Bat

        You’re going to quote MLBPipeline and ignore the values here? I get that you want to sell high on Mauricio because he has never performed like this his entire minor league career and I doubt he maintains it. Either way he’ll need a better, more sustained track record in order to garner a SP like Bieber.

        Rocchio’s slash is pretty close to Mauricio’s and Rocchio is a far superior defensive SS.

        I’ll pass on an OF in A+ that needs added to the 40 man next year.

        Are Allan and Megill even able to pitch?

        I’d like to acquire Vientos. He’s potentially the type of bat Cleveland needs, but he isn’t going to headline a deal for Bieber.

  3. J.M. F.

    Mauricio is also not in the top 10 on MLB Pipeline. Mauricio also has never played the outfield in pro baseball. I looked at four prospects rankings to compare Maurcio and Rocchio.

    MLB Pipeline – Rocchio 63 Mauricio 96
    Fangraphs – Rocchio 54 Mauricio 90
    Prospects 1500 – Rocchio 69 Mauricio 122
    Keith Law – Rocchio 22 Mauricio 87
    i stopped looking when 4 out of 4 ranked Rocchio higher. Rocchio is also only 22.

    • Ty Archy

      Mauricio also doesn’t have the defensive skill of Rocchio or Arias…

      He’s not wrong, getting more power in the system would be nice, but if we do that, it would ideally be 1B/OF who hits for power from the right side. Like I could see Mauricio, but with 2B and 3B already set long term, and Mauricio being a worse SS than who we have, he would be moved to 1B/RF in Cleveland. He wouldn’t be at the 20+ value from Cleveland’s side as well cause of the positional change…

      If Cleveland felt Mauricio could play OF, I could live with him…

      Ramirez for sure is a no… Cleveland would also have to get Tidwell and Vasil…

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