Cardinals & Guardians




Cardinals & Guardians

May 26, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Bieber 28 Majors SP Low 1.7 72.5 21.7 50.8 40.6 50.8 61


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Herrera Minors C 9 7.2 9 10.8
O'Neill 28 Majors OF Medium 1.7 28.9 10.7 18.2 14.6 18.2 21.8
Pallante 24 Majors RHRP Medium 4.8 13.1 6.3 6.8 5.4 6.8 8.1
Cash 6
  1. DJ dajuba

    The poverty stricken, cash strapped, non contending small market Guardians accept this trade offer before even more value drains away from Bieber by the deadline, as it’s the best offer they get and start making plans for the offseason.

    • Chaim Bloom

      I’m a believer that the Guardians aren’t legit contenders until 2025ish and they should retool, including trading Bieber, but this is an insulting offer. I find it unlikely that this would be the best offer for Bieber by the deadline given how essentially every contending team needs starting pitching, and if it were, CLE would be better off keeping Bieber and mounting a longshot playoff run, then reevaluating the market in the offseason.

      • Big Bat

        That’s exactly what it is and he’s doing it deliberately. It’s just a stupid, deliberate bad idea, but we live in a free where we are even free to openly suggest stupid ideas……obviously.

  2. Ty Archy

    Cleveland wants nothing to do with O’Neill… They may give Plesac if they even do that… This deal Cleveland wants nothing to do with…

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