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Red Sox & Padres

October 9, 2019

Red Sox

Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Myers 28 Majors OF High 3.0 -0.3 68.5 -68.8 -68.8 -68.5 -68.5
Naylor 22 Majors OF 1B Low 6.0 24.5 6.0 18.5 16.5 18.5 20.5
Patino Minors RHP 45.6 36.5 45.6 54.7
Urias 22 Majors 2B Low 5.0 75.0 19.8 55.2 47.7 55.2 62.7


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Betts 26 Majors OF Medium 1.0 76.3 30.0 46.3 44.3 49.1 53.9
  1. John Furlong

    Boston is trying to cut salary. In what way would they take on Wil Myers and his horribly expensive contract.

    • Will M

      Before arbitration, the Sox are $56mill below the first tax limit. Myers’ contract has an AAV of $13.8mill, which fits in easily and would be half of what they would be paying Betts if they kept him.

      • John Furlong

        Before Arbitration means little. It is where they are at when the season starts and Wil Myers contract is an albatross. They were not able to get help at the deadline because of the lack of money. Why would they do that again? Besides, I can’t see the Padres trading both Urias and Patino without getting the top of the rotation pitcher they desire. Without pitching help, Betts does little to help them win.

        • Will M

          I’d be surprised if SD parted with both Urias and Patino, and only more surprised if they parted with Gore. But if Boston does move Betts, they certainly can afford the contract of Wil Myers. He $13.8mill AAV would cut in that $56mill, leavg about $42mill. But the remaining Sox arbitration cases will probably total about $20mill when all is said and done, leaving the team well under the luxury tax limit. Even with the albatross of Myers. Their inflexibility at the deadline last year was because the payroll at the time was pushing the highest limit for luxury tax. Dealing Betts will make it very easy to stay under the lowest.

          And if they have to to get a better return, it is a possibility, much like the Mets taking on Cano in order to land Diaz. I doubt the return will create an equal trade on this site, however, because SD still has to hold on to several of their top tier prospects.

          • Nathan Thompson

            Red Sox need to pay Benintendi, JBJ, and E-Rod ~ $25.5 MM in arbitration. Then they have another 9 guys eligible for up to ~ $17 MM.

            I don’t know Boston well enough to point out all the non-tenders but you’ve got a minimum of $30 MM, probably closer to $35 MM, in arbitration to account for.

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