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September 13, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Arozarena 28 Majors OF Low 3.1 91.8 32 59.9 47.9 59.9 71.9


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Elder 24 Majors SP Medium 6.1 74.1 32.2 41.9 33.5 41.9 50.3
Grissom 22 Majors 2B 3B Low 5.1 12.5 3.2 9.3 7.4 9.3 11.1
Lee 28 Majors RP Medium 5.1 19.3 9.2 10.1 8 10.1 12.1
  1. M P

    The Rays may have interest in a trade like this. Elder is a good, young pitcher with years of control. Just the sort of guy the Rays like to acquire. Rays won’t want Grissom though. For one, they’re more likely to trade a middle infielder this Winter than trade for one. They have too many middle infielders as-is; though they might need a top-flight SS to replace Wander. Unfortunately, Grissom isn’t capable of playing SS, at least at the level the Rays demand. I doubt they’ll want Lee either given the year he’s had and the fact that he’s on IL right now with a shoulder issue.

    • Walt Weidman

      Grissom is interesting because his bat projects very well. He’s underrated here imo because he’s stuck behind the best roster in baseball and losing his “prospect” designation due to service time despite being 22. I could picture the rays valuing him more than Mead, but just like this trade, is pure speculation if you look at their values here. I’m also guessing they move on from Lowe, he just hasn’t played up to his potential and what they thought he could be. How everyone plays in the playoffs will be a better indicator of what they do this offseason.

      As for Lee, he’s off the IL and has already pitched 2 games in the last 7 days. He’s back to being 100% healthy. I always struggle valuing RPs, just doesn’t always align for me. More of a throw in to get the trade to work

      • M P

        I don’t know where or how Mead fits with the Rays. I think he’s a fine fielder, but his lack of arm strength is pretty apparent and should keep him from playing 3B. It would also be a problem in LF. His best position might be 2B, but the Rays have so many bodies at 2B, that that may not work either. He’s a big bat though and the Rays will find a spot for him somewhere. In regards to his bat, he’s a much better hitter than Grissom. I can see comparing Grissom to Basabe, but not Mead.

        B.Lowe is actually having a good season, once you look past the injury filled 1st half. Since his return from IL on July 4th, he’s hitting around 140 wRC+. He hasn’t had the crazy hot streaks he’s known for this year, but he’s been a consistently good bat in the top of the lineup for the Rays. He’s good, and the Rays won’t want to move him, but they also have a 2024 payroll that is about 50% more than their 2023 payroll and it’s very unlikely they’ll keep everyone. I expect one of Aroz, Diaz or B.Lowe to be traded in the offseason because the Rays have inhouse replacements and because each of those guys make about $8MM and will return a pretty nice return in trade. Rays need pitching, and they can provide it.

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