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Royals & Indians

November 13, 2019


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Bradley Minors 1B 7.3 5.8 7.3 8.8
Freeman Minors 2B 27.6 22.1 27.6 33.1
Plesac 24 Majors SP Low 6.0 13.3 5.6 7.7 5.7 7.7 9.7
Rocchio Minors 2B 16 12.8 16 19.2


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Kennedy 34 Majors RHRP Very high 1.0 6.9 16.5 -9.6 -9.6 -8.6 -7.6
Lovelady 23 Majors LHRP Medium 5.0 1.4 0.5 0.9 0.6 0.9 1.2
Merrifield 30 Majors 2B OF Medium 4.0 68.6 25.0 43.6 36.7 44.3 53.5
Soler 27 Majors OF High 2.0 30.0 15.9 14.1 12.1 16.1 20.1
Cash Array 6
  1. I don’t see Kansas City doing this trade.

    • Jack Lee

      Take out Soler/Kennedy and Rocchio:

      Bradley, Plesac, Freeman for Merrifield seems like a favorable package. It is possible KC would want Civale over Plesac, which is where I think the Indians could throw in another peripheral piece.

  2. E Schwarz

    I can’t see the Indians taking on Kennedy’s contract or trading Plesac.

  3. Larry Krueger

    I think this trade idea has good possibilities. I agree with both Hockeyjohn and JetTribe 13 that it needs some tinkering. Cleveland
    getting both Merrifield for 2nd base and Soler for a corner outfield spot definitely fills 2 needs. It may be worth taking on Kennedy’s
    contract since Kennedy still pitched well (war 1.4 per Baseball Reference) last year. The inclusion of Plesac or Civale shouldn’t be a hinderance to this
    trade because of Cleveland’s depth at starting pitching. If Tristin McKenzie is ready to pitch in the majors next year that just adds to
    their depth. Cleveland may be more hesitant to trade 1B Bradley if they think he’ll be ready to take Santana’s place next year when
    Carols becomes a free agent. Kudos to CleTribe007 for a well thought out trade.

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