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July 8, 2020


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Bracho Minors SS 7.6 6.1 7.6 9.1
Clevinger 29 Majors SP Medium 2.3 62.1 17.9 44.2 44.2 50.4 56.6
Lindor 26 Majors SS Medium 1.3 67.7 32.5 35.2 35.2 42 48.7


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Diaz 26 Majors RHRP Medium 2.3 36.7 22.2 14.5 10.8 14.5 18.2
Mauricio Minors SS 35.4 28.3 35.4 42.5
Nimmo 27 Majors OF Low 2.3 37.9 12.1 25.8 21.8 25.8 29.8
Rosario 24 Majors SS Medium 3.3 37.9 13.6 39 20.3 24.3 28.3
  1. Cleveland is not likely to trade Lindor until at least the trade deadline and I doubt then as I expect them to contend in 2020. As far as this deal goes, Nimmo has too many heath concerns. Rosario has defensive concerns about whether he can stick at shortstop. Diaz is coming off a horrible season in 2019. All of these players have definite concerns attached to them.

    Cleveland’s farm system is loaded with middle infield prospects especially at the younger levels so adding another middle infield prospect is not the best use of this trade package.

    There are too many concerns with this package to trade LIndor, Clevinger, and a prospect for. If the Indians do make Lindor and/or Clevinger available, I am quite sure that they could do much better than this package filled with questions and concerns. Cleveland’s front office is too good and would not trade Clevinger and Lindor for this risky of package.

    • Kama Mustafa

      I actually agree about Nimmo. Personally, I’d put Conforto in this spot, but for whatever reason, Nimmo is listed with more value than him, which I very much disagree with. CLE was interested in Rosario when the Mets checked in on Lindor last winter, so I can see them asking about him again this winter if the Mets returned under new ownership. Mauricio is destined at either 3B or at a corner OF spot. I’d bet more on the latter. CLE will need a closer after this season, and Diaz is a bounce back candidate that garnered interest despite the off year. Getting out of a pressure cooker like NY would do him wonders.

  2. From what I heard and read, the Indians were most interested in McNeil. I also did hear Rosario and two prospects. I don’t know how much was true since Cleveland’s front office is very tight lipped about trade talks. In fact, when the Indians made their trade at the 2019 deadline of Trevor Bauer, the final trade came out of nowhere. The national media a few hours earlier said that Bauer would stay in Cleveland. Even the local media was surprised that it was Cincinnati (and Padres) that they traded with. I think that the Indians are looking for a package like they received in the Bauer trade. Reyes and Puig were the MLB ready help with Reyes very controllable, now 4.4 years left of control and a package of prospects for the future. I am not sure that replacing Nimmo with Conforto would move the needle as he only has 1.4 years of control like Lindor. That is why Conforto has less value on this site as Nimmo has an extra year of control.

    I also don’t see them shopping Clevinger as he is still cheap 4.1 million. His name came up as the Indians really wanted Gavin Lux in any Lindor trade and the Dodgers tried to add Clevinger to the trade talks. They also can pick up Brad Hand’s option if they decide to. They also have two young flamethrowers in James Karinchak and Emmanuel Clase (from the Kluber trade) that are like contenders for the future closer roll.

    So much is unknown in baseball as we have little idea if they can complete a 2020 season safely to its conclusion. We also do not know how each MLB team’s financial picture is due to the virus. Baseball is not in a very good place right now. Your Mets have more hope if they are able to find a buyer for the team, which sounds like it might happen.

    Good luck to the Mets and stay safe.

  3. Erik Jager

    The Cleveland Indians would seriously consider this trade. I believe that the Mets would find this trade too risky. The Mets would have only a year and a third to become a powerhouse. The Mets can’t compete with the Dodgers this year. The Dodgers are going to lose Mookie next year, so there is a chance. The Mets would have to be aggressive next year.

  4. Queensbury, I just don’t see why you would think the Indians would do this trade. Nimmo has health concerns. Relief pitchers tend to be very volatile. Will Diaz pitch like 2018 or 2019? Who knows. Rosario has defensive issues at shortstop and likely ends up at second. According to Prospects Live, both Bracho who is only 18 years old and often compared to Jose Ramirez, and Mauricio project to have a 60 ceiling. I see too many question marks and not enough upside to trade both Clevinger and Lindor. I would not trade Lindor for any two of those Mets and I definitely would not trade Clevinger for the other two Mets. This trade would not help them in 2020 and 2021. Since it won’t help them contend, then why trade for players that are not controllable.

  5. Erik Jager

    Hockey, quantity over quality. Cleveland’s farm system is much deeper than the Red Sox ‘s farm system. What would Cleveland do if they are non-contenders at the trade deadline?

  6. Why would the Indians want quantity over quality? I don’t get that. The Indians are not at a point where they need to make a quantity deal. During the off season, they were looking for quality controllable MLB ready players in any Lindor trade. Once such player that I know they asked for was Gavin Lux of the Dodgers.

    If the Indians are non-contenders at the deadline, I am sure there is more of a chance of a Lindor trade due to the virus. However, I do expect them to contend in 2020. With their starting pitching, I don’t see the Indians falling out of the race during this short season.

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