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October 19, 2020


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Campusano Minors C 32.1 25.7 32.1 38.5
Morejon 21 Majors LHRP SP Medium 5.0 18.4 5.2 13.2 10.5 13.2 15.8


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Musgrove 27 Majors SP Medium 2.0 51.8 13.2 38.6 30.9 38.6 46.3
Rodriguez 30 Majors RHRP Medium 3.0 16.9 8.5 8.4 6.7 8.4 10.1
  1. DB A

    Throw in one more lottery ticket for the Pirates and I think you may have something here.

  2. Jacob Sumpter

    What would be the rational for the Padres? They have a ton of pitching at or near the MLB and just traded for their guy in Clev.

    • Clevinger isn’t out of the woods just yet. TJS could be in his future. The Padres are in win-now mode.

  3. the statbook

    The Pirates have dealt with the issues of Vazquez, Kang, and Keone Kela in recent seasons. I’m guessing the Padres trying to pawn off a catcher facing charges for marijuana possession (regardless of how you feel about the issue) is probably not something they would be excited about.

    • The marijuana charges came after my trade was posted. Nice try. If you are going to mention Kela then you also need to mention Kyle Crick. Or does he get a pass for being a white boy?

      • the statbook

        I can mention Kyle Crick too. I simply included the other guys because they were really notable. Kela was suspended for an altercation with a Pirates staffer. Reading more about Crick’s issues, I see that he too is a problem. Which only furthers the need for the Pirates to not take on notable head cases.

        Honest question though: what’s it like being a miserable loser who thinks everything is related to race? Please respond in the comments below.

        • John Bitzer

          Folks, this is supposed to be a fun site, and we like to keep things civil in the comments. Please try to be nicer and avoid name-calling.

          • the statbook

            I apologize, but being accused of racism for simply omitting a lesser-known case is a pretty lousy move.

            I got carried away answering in kind. I’ll move on.

        • To lump a rapist, a drunk driver, two guys who threw punches during a miserable season and a guy caught with marijuana as head cases is laughable. I’d take Campusano in a heartbeat. If the Padres want to give him away, even better.

          • the statbook

            What do all of those things have in common? They are all off-field issues. Sure, several of them are more egregious than others. I don’t even agree with the charges Campusano is facing, but no one asked about your or my opinion.

            Consider the Pirates point-of-view. They already lost any opportunity to trade Vazquez. So, now that they have a pitcher that has value and no known off-field issues (Musgrove), I doubt they want to give him up for a guy who may or may not be facing jail time for a crime.

            If Campusano ends up getting a slap on the wrist, I could totally see it. As a player, and value-wise, he makes sense. But until the penalty is known, I doubt anyone takes him, especially not the Pirates.

  4. Kela and Crick were in the clubhouse, not what I would necessarily call off-field. Our opinions differ. That happens. Some like the trade. Other don’t. That happens. Never meant to get into such a deep conversation over a trade proposal. I thought it would be fun to tinker with trade values. I’m regretting my decision.

    • the statbook

      I acknowledge that, as it stands now, the trade values are fair and I probably agree. (I think Pittsburgh can get more, FWIW). Without the issue of Campusano, I think you made a decent proposal.

      But Campusano’s value is directly linked to an incident that he now has little control over. If he happens to get jail time, his value will tank.

      That’s where the disagreement happened. And mind you, YOU were the one who got bombastic by insinuating racism. Perhaps you should regret your decision to put that in your comment. Don’t feign being the victim now.

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