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Rays & Dodgers

December 2, 2020


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Busch Minors 2B 11.1 8.9 11.1 13.3
Gray Minors RHP 17.7 14.3 17.7 21.1
Ruiz Minors C 23.4 18.7 23.4 28.1


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Snell 27 Majors SP Very low 3.0 86.6 39.0 47.6 42.8 52.4 61.9
  1. sam clark

    To me this seems like the best/most realistic package for Snell. The Dodgers organization is crazy loaded – they could really create a package full of prospects and mlb ready players to acquire just about anyone at this point

    • Josh Lew

      The Dodgers would do this trade absolutely. Ruiz is probably no longer needed for the Dodgers and their depth can easily replace Gray and Hoese. Would greatly increase their rotation while also giving the rays two top 100 prospects.

  2. username 1001

    Very realistic! This not only feels like a trade the Rays would make, the Dodgers have the depth at each position those prospects fill to make this happen.

    Good stuff!

    • sam clark

      I agree i just hope this doesnt actually happen lol. Dodgers dont need any more talent

  3. M P

    As a Rays fan, I feel like all of these players are solid but unremarkable prospects. Gray is the Dodgers’ top rated prospect and he isn’t even ranked in the top 50 prospects by MLB.com. Also, given the middle infield depth of the Rays, I can’t see Busch being of interest to the Rays. Maybe if Busch were a SS/2B prospect, but not just a 2B prospect.

    • Will M

      Michael Busch is the least important part of that deal. Ruiz is an excellent starting point in a Snell trade.If Busch were replaced with Kody Hoese, does it look better?

    • sam clark

      I kind of feel like this is as good as it gets for Snell. Especially if they want to fill the catching position. Ruiz is going to be really good

      • Will M

        I can agree there. I think if the Rays do deal Snell, either Keibert Ruiz or Tyler Stephenson (Reds) is a good starting point for them. The Dodgers do have the much deeper farm system than Cincinnati.

        Now if the Braves get involved, they can offer up William Contreras and any of their loaded prospect package and make this interesting. San Diego can start with Luis Campusano and do the same. Both can make offers competitive with the Dodgers. And both would be very interested in keeping Snell out of LA.

  4. Jason Carlton

    I think there is a huge difference between what is “fair” given the constructs of this site and what would be deemed “realistic” outside of a vacuum in terms of value. Any trade that is not an overpay is not a “realistic” trade. The Rays do not need to trade Snell. Outside of lazy baseball tropes, the only reason the Rays would even entertain trading Snell is because the starting pitching market is bleak and the Rays have the depth to stomach such a trade. While receiving a catcher like Ruiz in return would be a big boon in a Snell trade, he is far from a headline. In fact, both Gray and Ruiz, likely residing in the 50-75 rank range, are not good enough to headline a Snell trade. Given that the Rays have the number one farm system in baseball, and easily the deepest farm system in baseball, they should be focusing on quality and not quantity. On a yearly basis, they struggle to fit their rule V eligible players on their 40 man roster and risk losing a handful of others. They don’t need a quantity of players that need to be protected. Given that they are currently competing, a return of unproven minor league talent isn’t enough. Before the 2020 season, Ruiz had a total of 40 PA above AA. The rest of the package is minor leaguers. Does that seem like the type of return a competitive team would want, especially if they are subtracting a huge piece of their major league roster? With this in mind, I had similarly proposed a package headed by Ruiz and Gonsolin, as the Rays would much rather prefer a MLB ready pitcher in return than a prospect. But again, I still think this package lacks the blue chip young players the Rays would desire would they choose to trade Snell.

    • M P

      What Bossman said. 😉

      Plus, I don’t think the Rays trade with the Dodgers at all. Personally, I like the player combos that other teams can put together better.

      • Jason Carlton

        If we are talking Ruiz and May, to head a package, the Dodgers have the Rays attention

        • Noah K

          I think asking for Ruiz and May is a pipe dream imo. Maybe the Dodgers consider it due to the fact that they are so deep at every single position and they see something more in Snell they think they can unlock, but they would be getting into massive overpay territory from a fan perspective outside of the Rays and Dodgers fanbase.

          • Jason Carlton

            To be blunt, the Rays aren’t trading Snell unless someone wants to overpay on his “true” value. So if you want to be “realistic,” any suggested trade should at least be deemed a minor overpay. I guarantee they are looking for something similar to the Archer deal a couple years back. Both pitchers (at the time for Archer at least) had 3 years left on a cheap extension and were both considered frontline pitchers. Rays want 3 premier pieces, ideally ones that can contribute at the major league level right away. The major reason they would even consider trading Snell is because the market is dearth of impact SP.

  5. sam clark

    I just proposed a May/Ruiz to Rays trade just to see what peoples reactions are…. but from the dodgers perspective i think that trade makes no sense – even adding someone like Baz to the mix (which i did in trade). May has the potential to be a Blake Snell, and Snell is known to be inconsistent so really who knows who will even be better next season or going forward? Plus youre giving up Ruiz…. i think the Rays would be asking far too much to include May in that trade and I doubt the Dodgers would even consider parting with him. I could see May for Snell straight up being fair – but dont think either team is likely to make that deal

    • Jason Carlton

      The main reason the Dodgers don’t make much sense is because they really don’t NEED Snell, he would be a luxury, thus they are a team unlikely to overpay.

  6. sam clark

    But I could not agree more that the Rays will only trade Snell if its an Archer like deal and im sure thats what they are shooting for. If they decide to move him, im confident in whatever return they get because that front office knows their shit

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