Yankees & Reds




Yankees & Reds

January 1, 2021


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Castillo 27 Majors SP Low 3.0 149.6 34.8 114.8 91.8 114.8 137.8
Moustakas 31 Majors 2B 3B High 3.0 28.4 48.0 -19.6 -23.5 -19.6 -15.7


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Schmidt Minors RHP 22.3 17.8 22.3 26.8
Torres 23 Majors SS 2B Very low 4.0 103.6 30.6 73 58.4 73 87.6
  1. Douglas Joslyn

    Trade only works if Yankees are not able to re-sign DJ LeMahieu:

    Yankees get a top notch, affordable starting pitcher to pair with Gerrit Cole at the top of their rotation and Moustakas essentially plays the same role as DJL – 2B, with fill in at 3B or 1B as needed. His lefty bat helps balance the lineup also, although the Yankees would still need to acquire a SS.

    Reds would receive salary relief, saving $52M over the length of Moustakas’s contract including a $4M buyout of his 2024 option. They also solve their SS problem – or use Torres at 2B and use some of the money savings on a free agent to play SS. Torres significantly helps their offense and is under team control for four more years. Schmidt is the Yankees #2 prospect although he most likely should spend 1/2 of 2021 in the minors for seasoning.

    The Yankees may have to include another lower level prospect or two in the 1-3 value range to make the deal happen, but it helps both sides.

    • Josef Schubert

      Only downside to this deal, and it’s not a very large one if I’m honest, is that you replace the issue of SS for the Reds with a new issue of 2B for the Reds.

      Nick Senzel isn’t the answer there, neither is Kyle Farmer or Jose Garcia. They’d have to go out and sign someone, which would probably be more cost-effective and doable since they’re saving on the Moustakas contract.

      Not bad, though. It would just be awful to see someone the Yankee fans love in Gleyber go.

      • Douglas Joslyn

        Gleyber could shift to 2B and the Reds could still go out and grab a SS off the market (Didi Gregorius) or keep Torres at SS as there are a bunch of affordable options for 2B available.

        I’m a Yankee fan, and Gleyber is my favorite player on this current team, but to get a top notch pitcher, the Yankees don’t quite have the farm system for it right now. Dominguez needs a year in the minors before his value can catch up to the hype and talent or he would be in place of Gleyber in this deal.

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