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Reds & Dodgers

January 4, 2021


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Gonsolin 26 Majors SP Low 5.0 53.5 25.8 27.7 22.1 27.7 33.2
Lux 22 Majors 2B SS Very low 5.0 82.9 18.3 64.6 51.7 64.6 77.5
Ruiz Minors C 23.4 18.7 23.4 28.1


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Castillo 27 Majors SP Low 3.0 149.6 34.8 114.8 91.8 114.8 137.8
    • Eli Kov

      Dodgers are looking for a TORP and get that and then some with Castillo.. The return is a MOR/BOR, a 2B and a C.. The 2B is one of the best prospects in MiLB and more than useful.. Even though Luz is listed as a 2B/SS.. SS really isn’t a spot for him leaving the Reds still in need of at least a stop gap SS until Jose Israel Garcia is ready. The C prospect is a repeat of what the Reds already have. Unless the Reds are of the opinion that they can never have enough good catcher or the Reds are going to make a subsequent trade, then this part of the deal should be rethought..

      Perhaps adding Josiah Gray instead of Keibert Ruiz? Thoughts?

      • Kyle Berger

        Sure, I’d be more than ok with JGray replacing Ruiz. Keep in mind though that the Reds previously traded him away, not sure if that means they’d want him back.

        The article’s logic was that Stephenson might not stick at catcher because of his size, but I tend to disagree. While his bat would play great at catcher, I’m not sure it would play that well at 1B or DH. Ruiz or Stephenson could always be flipped at the deadline or next year, as I don’t think Ruiz is quite MLB ready yet anyways.

  1. Eli Kov

    If the Reds were to keep Ruiz in the deal.. it would almost be assured he would be added to another player/prospect to return a shortstop like Trevor Story..or to Cleveland for Lindor..or St Louis for DeJong.. Someplace where a veteran backstop like Berto Perez or Yadi Molina can mentor young mr Ruiz.. That said, I’m with you.. Stephenson is thee backstop of the future for the Reds. His size hasn’t prevented him from being anything but a fine blocker, framer thrower and game caller.. Couple him with Barnhart and the Reds have a tandem of pretty damn good receivers..

    Thanks for the response..

  2. Mike Batuello

    Not a big Ruiz fan especially since we have Stephenson. Possibly go with Cartaya (15)for a C when Barnhart gone to pair with Stephenson, Beeter (4) up and coming potential P and Chris Taylor (3). He is good filler SS for one year or OF help if Garcia comes along quicker than expected. Think Taylor is only 3 rating because only one year left on $4/ year contract.

    • Kyle Berger

      Hard to see them giving up five players in the deal, and in any case, quality > quantity. I do like the idea of getting Taylor back as well, but if you’re going to swap out Ruiz it probably has to be for Josiah Gray. Can always flip one of Ruiz/Stephenson elsewhere, possibly as a headliner for a star SS (if you didn’t get Taylor and don’t think Lux can play SS)

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